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This weeks theme of “Play Time” brings us back to the Zoo for a quick look at some adorably fuzzy killing machines aka Grizzly Bears!

Hogle Zoo is home to three Grizzly Bears, the two sisters and brother are fun to watch as they interact and play. Visiting the Zoo on a mid week morning meant I didn’t need to box out hoards of kids and exasperated parents for the best vantage point at an exhibit. Instead I was able to sit for a few minutes and watch as a sneak attack was executed against an unsuspecting bone gnawing sibling, however retaliation was swift and effective.

Leave me alone!

Here are some shots of what led up to the mass of fur and teeth you see above:

I’m just gnawing a bone minding my own business

I sense a disturbance...

I sense a disturbance…

The bone was picked up and carried into a nearby pool…

The perp!

The perp!

I'm just sitting here looking all innocent

I’m just sitting here looking all innocent

A slow entry into the pool by the perp let me know that trouble was a brewing…

The approach

Textbook Navy SEAL approach

Enter Jaws theme music here...

Enter Jaws theme music here as she circles the prey…

The moment of decision

The moment of decision, notice the subtle defensive claw raise.

Go for the sweet spot... (A gold star if you name the movie reference)

Too little too late! “Go for the sweet spot…” (A gold star if you name the movie reference)

The counter move begins with a backwards headbutt and twist.

Not one to give up that easily, the counter move begins with a backwards headbutt and twist.

Forcing the retreat

Forcing the retreat

After a successful counterattack and forced retreat the bone was once again gnawed and the loser walked away wet and defeated.

They look all cuddly until you see those teeth and claws and the power of 500lbs of muscle moving insanely quickly.

I hope you enjoyed the post and that the next time one of your siblings annoys you just remember that even Grizzly bears have annoying family members… At least yours don’t have 5 inch claws.

Happy Shooting!