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As promised in an earlier post here are some shots from the Western Stampede Rodeo held in West Jordan, Utah July 4-6th 2013 This series of shots are from Saturday the 6th and the rain that started on Friday night had continued unabated the entire day…

No colors for sunset tonight, the clouds were just too thick.

The Arena when we arrived.

_DSC5314 _DSC5315 _DSC5330 _DSC5359 _DSC5431 _DSC5451

Die Hard Fans

Die Hard Fans

The Pens

The Pens

_DSC5555 _DSC5560 _DSC5562 _DSC5574 _DSC5594 _DSC5612Now how about some action?

_DSC5623 _DSC5624 _DSC5633 _DSC5639 _DSC5642 _DSC5649 _DSC5655 _DSC5664 _DSC5665 _DSC5667 _DSC5671

Attitude is everything! This guy got loud cheers for his exciting ride.

Attitude is everything! This guy got loud cheers for his exciting ride.

_DSC5684 _DSC5696 _DSC5712Remember that there’s more than just mud in all that muck…

This next series is of a horse that went nuts in the chute and they let him out where he proceeded to go even crazier, they roped him and he walked out of the arena just fine.

_DSC5740 _DSC5745 _DSC5750 _DSC5757 _DSC5758

_DSC5770 _DSC5781 _DSC5808 _DSC5834 _DSC5841 _DSC5872 _DSC5878 _DSC5895 _DSC5907

He called these his Mother in law's cars...

He called these his Mother in law’s cars…

_DSC5309 _DSC5363 _DSC5374 _DSC5407 _DSC5416 _DSC5434 _DSC5473_DSC5947 _DSC5952 _DSC5964 _DSC5966

_DSC5974 _DSC5979 _DSC5983 _DSC5995 _DSC6000 _DSC6004

That's "mud" he dug out of his ear he's flipping off his finger.

That’s “mud” he dug out of his ear he’s flipping off his finger.

_DSC6035 _DSC6048 _DSC6068 _DSC6071 _DSC6169 _DSC6176 _DSC6183 _DSC6186 _DSC6201 _DSC6203 _DSC6228_DSC6265 _DSC6269 _DSC6274_DSC6289 _DSC6300 _DSC6307 _DSC6309 _DSC6315 _DSC6332_DSC6338 _DSC6355 _DSC6381 See how vertical he was?  Watch as he eats it!_DSC6382 _DSC6384 _DSC6385 _DSC6387_DSC6427 _DSC6428 _DSC6429 _DSC6431

_DSC6441 _DSC6444 This was one of the most dynamic rides of the night._DSC6456 _DSC6458 _DSC6459 _DSC6460 _DSC6461 _DSC6462 _DSC6463_DSC5321 _DSC5325 _DSC5384 _DSC5407 _DSC6483 _DSC6497Ok so the Sunset actually did make an appearance…

_DSC6549 _DSC6560 _DSC6578 _DSC6582 _DSC6591 _DSC6603_DSC6628 _DSC6630 _DSC6635 _DSC6639 _DSC6641 _DSC6644 _DSC6645 _DSC6650 _DSC6656 _DSC6667 _DSC6674 _DSC6676 _DSC6678 _DSC6697 _DSC6730 _DSC6732 _DSC6738 _DSC6740 _DSC6743 _DSC6770_DSC6862 _DSC6887 _DSC6899 _DSC6903 _DSC6943 _DSC6961 _DSC6976_DSC6992 _DSC7022 _DSC7030 _DSC7031 _DSC7043 _DSC7044 _DSC7045 _DSC7063 _DSC7065 _DSC7066 _DSC7076 _DSC7089 _DSC7099 _DSC7103 _DSC7105 _DSC7106 _DSC7127 _DSC7128 _DSC7141 _DSC7144 _DSC7158 _DSC7160 _DSC7162 _DSC7165 _DSC7167 _DSC7177 _DSC7178 _DSC7179 _DSC7181 _DSC7192 _DSC7193 _DSC7194 _DSC7195 _DSC7213 _DSC7224 _DSC7226
_DSC7228 _DSC7236 _DSC7263 _DSC7286 _DSC7299 _DSC7312 _DSC7316 _DSC7317 _DSC7351 _DSC7353No doubt by now you’ll have noticed that I had a ton more images from Saturday then I did Friday, this was because I shot on manual all night to ensure a high enough shutter speed and trusted Noiseware to clean up the noise at 3200 ISO. It wasn’t perfect but it worked well enough.

All my shots were with a Nikon 70-300mm or a Rokinon 8mm fisheye.

I had such a great time even with all the mud and rain splatters, if you ever get a chance to photograph a rodeo I highly recommend it!

Thanks again to West Jordan City, Doug Sims and the Photographix Club and Cervi Rodeo for allowing me to shoot such a great show.