West Jordan City 4th of July Parade 2011


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For the last few years we’ve been attending our city’s 4th of July Parade it’s a fun (although early) start to a long, fun filled day of celebrating our great nation, and spending some quality time together as a family. We always set up at the same place, right at the starting point of the parade. We like this location because it’s usually pretty easy for us to get a place to sit, and since it’s at the beginning the participants are full of energy, and as a bonus we get the whole thing over with sooner.

I never try too hard to get “good” pictures during the parade as the backgrounds are bad ( gas station, strip mall, grocery store), the light’s all wrong, and I’m pretty much stuck in one place, with that in mind here are a few shots I liked and thought I’d share.

The West Jordan Motorcycle squad always starts it off

All lined up and ready to go 3 exp Handheld HDR

The D.A.R.E. car, 3 exp Handheld HDR

Pre Parade sweets!

The Fire Department follows the police, here is Ladder 53 3 exp Hand held HDR

Ladder 53 and some friends, 3 exp handheld HDR

"Killer" Hazmat Logo

Smokey! A serious crop to get rid of the truck he was riding in, Silver Effex Pro2 for B&W conversion

The Chick-fil-A Cow, The whole parade seems like one big marketing scheme!

Finally some action!

In Utah this has many, many, meanings...

Some serious drumming.More advertising! Good thing it was cloudy and cool this year

The local Bike club paraded, some with Cheerleaders on the back,this guy was too cool for that - Ok he had no back seat, but still...

No this is not SR. from O.C. Chopper

A local car club also showed up

He honked the horn after this, yep must be Utah! 3 exp Handheld HDR

"EWWW...", I love pictures taken out of context! But you can't have a parade without a "beauty" queen right?!

I’m  glad that I don’t know that girl and that she’ll never see this, otherwise I think I would be in some serious trouble.

This year the weather was perfect, 70’s, overcast with just a few scattered raindrops here and there. We had a great time, kids got candy, and I didn’t get sunburned.

Happy Shooting!

Riverton City Fireworks – July 2 2011


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We had our monthly family party on Saturday July 2nd, (got some great family shots and too much sun) afterwards my brother in law invited us to watch the fireworks put on by their city. We met later at a corner that over looked the city park and would allow us to view the fireworks and avoid the crowds. We set up on the parking strip of a Wells Fargo bank on the corner of Redwood Road and 12600 south. As I was setting up I began talking to the family setting up next to us and met an awesome photographer named Darwin (who happened to know my bro-in law-small world)  we talked about photography the whole time which is one of those things about photography that I love, no matter where you are if you find someone else that’s into photography you’ve made a friend. He gave me some great tips that really helped since this was my first time shooting fireworks with the D7000.   Despite the sprinklers turning on towards the end of the display necessitating a hasty retreat to the safety of the parking lot we had a great time, and I was pleased with the shots I got. Here are a few;  all needed some cropping (love that 16mp resolution) and a little post work, nothing fancy just some subtle levels or curves work. All were shot with the 18-200mm VRII , manual mode at various exposure times, and at various focal lengths, aperture was f/11 (great tip from Darwin) and triggered with a cable shutter release.

one of my favorites from the night!

I liked the rogue cascade burst at the topanother rogue cascade




There wasn't too many of these high cascading shells, but the ones they did have were fun

Green was a popular color



The burst at top reminds me of a Asian Lily

A stack of the big ones going off together

Feathery trails

A fun time! It was great getting to talk to Darwin, I hope you’ll check out his shots on his flickr page, he has some amazing wildlife and action shots on there!

I took some shots on the 4th when we did our family fireworks but I’ll spare you those as they’re much less impressive…

Hope you had a great weekend,  happy shooting!




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