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Remember my interior shots of the Utah State Capitol building here and here? Well I promised a few shots of the exterior and I usually follow through on promises, although I have a habit of taking a very long time to do so, (you’ve been warned!)

We were visiting as part of a field trip for my daughters class and of course that means showing up in the middle of the day when the light is at its worst, thankfully the blossoms were at their best.

Capitol_Blossoms_closeup-wide east front_HDR

3 shot HDR handheld of the Capitols Dome through cherry blossoms.

The Capitol grounds are great for walking around unless a bunch of the sprinkler guys are out testing the lines and they turn on the sprinklers while you’re standing literally right in front of them and they neglect to give you even the slightest bit of a warning that you’re about to get hit by 2 sprinkler heads on full blast. Thanks you morons!

Luckily the D7000 is tough, I’m sort of quick, and I had a micro cloth with me. Here’s the shot I made microseconds before getting soaked, if you try hard enough you might hear the hissing of the water just as it hits me…

Capitol_Blossoms_vert east_HDR

3 shot HDR Handheld

Capitol_Blossoms_wide east front_HDR

The South facade. 3 shot HDR Handheld

Capitol_Blossoms_vert east front_HDR

I thought I’d process one view in tribute to how old the building is (Completed in 1916) This is the view from in front of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum on the southwest corner.Capitol_Blossoms_wide-west front_HDR-BW

The North side of the building gets little attention since the South side is so perfectly placed for easy shots and the North side feels a bit cramped with other buildings on three sides, however it has an awesome fountain and walkways that are worth exploring.Capitol_Northview-fisheye-lampost-Sun-HDR Capitol_Northview-fisheye-wide-HDRI obviously used my fisheye lens for these shots as it’s the only way to include everything short of a panorama. I shot from here last year for one of the challenge photos you can re visit that entry here. It sure shows the difference that golden hour light and mid day light has on an image!

To close out this post I wanted to share two images from inside the Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum which we visited after the Capitol. There were a hundred signs inside prohibiting photography, of course I take that to mean “flash photography” which I never do inside a museum or similar place so I took pictures of a few things these were my favorites and thought I’d share them with you.

Fire Engine-DUP Museum_HDR Fire Engine-DUP Museum2_HDRThis is the American Fire Engine Company Steam Engine “Roosevelt” built in 1902 it was painstakingly restored from 1994-1996 you can read more about it here. What I wouldn’t give to be able to really set up and shoot this thing in detail.

Well I hope you enjoyed this little look on the outside of the Utah State Capitol Building, I’ll have more shots coming soon as I sort out images from a few recent trips and an airshow!

Gotta love summertime!

Happy Shooting!