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If you’ve visited here more than once you’ve probably heard me mention that my Son was on his High School Swim Team this year, and being the proud papa that I am I made sure to take tons of pictures of him and his team mates during the meets I was able to attend.

I don’t know if you’ve ever shot swimming before, but for me it’s got to be one of the toughest things I’ve ever attempted to photograph. A short list of obstacles to shooting it are: dim lighting, weird white balance, fast paced action, mostly submerged subjects, tough focusing conditions, water, water, and more water most of it splashing, spraying and trying it’s best to hit your camera and lens that split second before you get the only decent shot of a race.

With that in mind I wanted to get a shot of my son just as he emerged from the water in the middle of a race, the problem is he doesn’t swim a stroke that makes that easy… so instead for this weeks theme of “Below” I shot his team mate just as he was rising from a flip turn in the 100m backstroke. The good thing about shooting High School Swimming is that I could walk right up to the edge of the pool while shooting so I was able to get some good close ups, the price? Water spots on my lens and wet knees…

Backstroke-breakthru-webI’ve always been fascinated with the way water behaves, its fluidity and ability to “stretch” is mesmerizing, Here’s an example of Hydrogen bonding at its best.

I couldn’t include swim shots without a few of my son so click through to see some of him.

50 free-start Butterfly-100_1 Butterfly-100_2 CopperHills_DSC9509 Hillcrest relay boys-Breast stroke Hillcrest_DSC1899 Hillcrest_Kyle 50breast_DSC1878Swimming mainly Breaststroke and Freestyle means most of the good shots are from Breaststroke since his face is almost always buried in water spray during his Freestyle swims. Coach made him swim a Butterfly once and that really annoyed him but I got a great shot of his insane deltoids from it.

Have you ever shot Swimming? I’m open to any and all advice for it (besides “get a f/2.8 lens” as that’s just not feasible right now…) As always thanks so much for stopping by, it’s very much appreciated.

Happy Shooting!