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2014 will be the third year in a row that I’ve participated in LensProToGo.com’s 52 week challenge.  Why do I keep doing it? I’ve asked myself that same question a hundred times, I’ve got precious little time in my life for the things I have to do let alone for something so arbitrary and time consuming as shooting a new themed image every week. The “Con” list is so much longer than the “Pro” list, but the “Pro’s” are strong enough that it’s worth it to me to yet again dive into the cold murky unknown waters of this challenge.

Some of the main reasons I’m doing this again is that I need motivation to go out and shoot, I need the seeds of ideas to be planted in my sleep deprived mind and I want to stretch my abilities and skills with a camera to new areas and styles of shooting. So this year my 52 week entries will hopefully be quite a bit different from last years. I don’t know if that will be a good thing or not, I have the feeling that I’ll have a lot more “duds” than the last two years, but I’m ready to really try new things.


With that in mind this years first theme was “New Year” and since I want to stretch out and do new things I’ve started with a new piece of software: “Lightroom 5” Yep I finally bit the bullet (it didn’t hurt that it was on sale for 50% off…) and bought it.


50mm f/1.8 with 20mm extension tube, YN-560 bare flash 1/64 power hand tripped during the long exposure. (no trigger used, I was lazy…)

I’ve used Photoshop for so long that it’s going to take me some time to get the hang of using Lightroom, I tried LR4 before on my older, slower computer and found it was too much of a system hog to be useful, but my new PC is wicked fast and should handle it just fine. I haven’t actually installed it yet as I’m waiting to get a few new Hard Drives so I can have a clean start with the catalogs and not have to worry about any conflicts.

If you have any good Lightroom tips or resources please feel free to share them, I have a feeling I’ll be reading and watching a ton of tutorials soon.

Thanks as always for stopping by I sincerely hope that you’ll enjoy sharing my journey this year, and I look forward to hearing your input and opinions.

I’ll be catching up on my posts here shortly so look forward to some new “actual” shots soon.

Happy Shooting!