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It never fails, as soon as I want to make a macro snowflake shot it will either stop snowing or the snow will be that pebbly kind that’s just boring and has no form, on top of it all it was wicked cold!

 Since the whole snowflake thing wasn’t going to happen I better get creative and at least use the cold to my advantage. I really didn’t want to leave my car out overnight to frost up the windows so I experimented with a pane of glass (taken out of a picture frame) and my two pairs of Oakley sunglasses (I was a nervous wreck leaving my babies out in the cold all night, I had nightmares of rogue punks stealing them from my backyard)

Frosty Oakley-2-web

I used my 50mm f/1.8 with a 20mm extension tube, a YN-560 flash, a 24″ softbox to make this shot. I had to work quick as that large crystal was melting fast even though I shot all these in the mouth of my open garage where it got so cold that despite wearing gloves my fingers hurt for the rest of the day. I haven’t been that cold since I was a young brain dead kid dumb enough to play outside for hours in the snow. (Good times!) 

 It was fun to see how 3 dimensional the crystals grew on the surface, they wouldn’t always stay flat, but rather would grow up off of it.

I shot my other pair of Oakleys and the glass pane, click through to see the shots!

Frosty Oakley-1-web


I loved how the crystal grew up at a 90° 


Crystal_Tail-Clean-web Dual Crystals_clean-WebConsidering that these formed out of thin air I think I did OK with how they looked, frost sure is a different beast than snowflakes and I’m glad I got the chance to shoot some. I also realize that I really need to get a ring flash for macro work as maneuvering a strobe and softbox in close to light up a crystal is just a real pain!

Is it frosty where you are? Leave something out overnight and take some shots, I think you’ll be surprised with what you come up with.

Happy Shooting!