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The problem with falling so far behind in posting these weekly challenge shots is that they can become horribly out of date. That being said I’m not going to skip any so let’s just treat them as blasts from the past…

Halloween! I loved it as a kid, well who wouldn’t love getting to dress up as a favorite super hero (Spiderman!) and getting bag loads of free candy? As a teenager it meant awesome parties with friends and as a parent it’s meant reliving a fun part of childhood, sadly I only have one child left that can still “Trick or Treat” so I treasure each year I’m able to walk around in the dark and cold. Some years it’s been warm enough to go without a jacket and others it has snowed, this year we had the occasional drizzle yet we covered more ground than ever before. The pay off of all that walking was a small mountain of very unhealthy and delicious candy that was quickly sifted, sorted, rated and photographed before consumption began.

Candy Pile-2-HDRYou better believe that Daddy gets a cut of the loot…

Speaking of “Cut” I also love the excuse Halloween gives to carve up a perfectly good Pumpkin into random characters and it’s even more rewarding when they’re pumpkins that you grew yourself as we did this year with these three.

PumpkinsHappy Halloween, only two months late…

I’m looking forward to next year (my stash of candy has run out…)

Happy Shooting!