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I see it everyday I go to work! And yet in all my life I’ve never actually hiked it. Bell Canyon is situated just to the south of it’s much more famous brother Little Cottonwood Canyon home to famous Ski resorts Snowbird and Alta. The trail head is on the north arm of the spur that separates the two canyons and after a few nearly flat switchbacks you find yourself crossing the spine and walking around a small bowl that leads to the canyon mouth itself where a small reservoir sits hidden just out of sight of the Salt Lake Valley, looking up the canyon you see towers of granite including the “Bells” the canyon derives its name from as it curves to the south.

I took two separate trips up the trail to get the shots for this blog post, the first trip I only went about half way to the reservoir as time was short before I had to head in to work, the second trip I made almost two full circuits of the reservoir and hiked at a very leisurely pace. Sadly I missed the peak colors by about 2 weeks, partly due to weather and partly to the season being shorter and less vibrant than usual on account of a hard hot summer that really seemed to suck the life out of the foilage this year.

Bell Canyon-vert-HDR-desat-web

9 shot HDR @1EV with a 70-300mm using the Promote Control

Bell Canyon Reservoir1-HDRBell Canyon Reservoir from the north rim looking south, you can see how dried up it is.

Bell Canyon Reservoir2-HDRLooking east up the canyon

Dead and Golden-HDRSmall waterfall_HDR Next to a small foot bridge is this this small waterfall, farther up the stream is a much larger one that I’ll hike to next year.

Some shots from my first hike…

Golden hillside-near and far-HDR Layered Colors_HDR Monilith_Colors-HDR Pine Tree_Maples_closeup Pine Tree_Maples_Snowy Mtns-horz Pine Tree_Maples_Snowy Mtns-vert Solo Red Tree-HDR Trail Ridge View_HDR

This is the view as you cross the “spine” into the small “bowl” you can see the trail crossing over a small ridge to the right, on the other side is the reservoir.

I look forward to the spring thaw and getting a chance to really explore this place more and hopefully having a lot more water in the reservoir and streams to photograph.

As always thank you so much for stopping by today and I hope you’ll be back soon as I post fast and furious this last week of 2013.

Happy Shooting!