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We don’t have a dog.

I have a hard time saying that as I love dogs, growing up we always had at least one dog and more often than not two or three. That changed as soon as I got married and we moved into an apartment. We’ve been in our home a long time and we still don’t have a dog, I think it has to do with the hair… And the fact that I want a Malamute or Husky and I can’t reconcile the two desires of a hair free home and a big ‘ol hairy dog. Until then we do without and my kids resent me each Christmas there isn’t a puppy sitting under the tree chewing on wrapping paper.

Given the lack of any canine presence in our home how was I going to shoot this weeks theme of “Dogs”? I wanted to relate it to our family in some way and the answer literally hit me in the face one night as I knelt down at my daughters bed for prayer.  Every night she goes through a ritual of arranging her stuffed animals or dolls or a mix of both. She piles these up in such a way that there’s barely any room left for her on the bed, I’m not sure how she can even sleep this way, but she does and it’s the cutest thing to see her with her sleeping buddies tucked in all around her, so I decided to capture it with a 50mm lens and single off camera flash in a small softbox.

Guarding her dreams!

Guarding her dreams!

I couldn’t resist one in Black and White:


So this spring we’ve decided to get a dog! I just have to fix a hole in our fence first and then we’ll get a dog and say good bye to a clean home, sweet dreams!

Happy shooting!