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At the south end of the Salt Lake Valley is an area called the Jordan Narrows, it’s where the Jordan River flows north out of the fresh water of Utah Lake into the salty inland sea known as the Great Salt Lake.

Named the Narrows due to the bluffs that rise on either side of the river and home to a near constant breeze, to the east is the world famous hang gliding and paragliding site “Point of the Mountain Flight Park”, to the west is a pair of windmills that dominate the skyline and take advantage of the constant breezy flow. What better place to take a picture for this weeks theme of “Wind”? One of the greatest treasures in the Salt Lake Valley is the Jordan River Parkway trail and this winds through the narrows and along the foot of these windmills. A short walk was all it took to find some sunflowers and the view I wanted showing the windmills in action.

Sunflowers_ Windmills-Horz-BWA few alternative shots…

SageBrush_ Windmills_BW Sunflowers_ Windmills_BW Turbine closeup_BWLooking back towards the narrows themselves I was able to capture these HDR images of an old rusted out pipe on the side of the eastern bluff.Rusted Pipes_HDR Rusted Pipes_HDR2

And lucky for me a Union Pacific train decided to pass by on the tracks below.

Passing the Jordan Narrows HDR Tilt Shift

Passing the Jordan Narrows HDR Tilt Shift

HDR Tiltshift

HDR Tiltshift

I’m so glad I decided to explore this area I’ve driven past countless times, I look forward to exploring it further on foot and bike and finding new things to photograph.

Thanks so much for stopping by today I really appreciate it, and hope you’ll come back soon as I share some shots I took this past summer at a few events that were so exciting for me to shoot at.

Happy Shooting!