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One of the greatest rewards of being a father is to see your son grow up to be an incredible young man, I had the opportunity to spend three days with a great group of 14-18 yr old scouts at the end of August on a “camp” I say that word very loosely as we stayed in my neighbors mountain cabin located on the back slopes of the Wasatch range near Ogden Utah right next to Wolf Mountain ski resort.

When you have access to showers, video games, a Billards table and wifi “camp” really isn’t the right word, lets say “3 day vacation away from it all!” the important thing is that I was with my son, not at work and we all had a great time even with “The Hike” on day 2, more on that later…

Remember the “Patch Springs Wildfire” that I mentioned in last weeks post? Well that smoke drifted all the way north to fill Ogden Valley and as a result I was able to get another great sunset shot, I simply walked out onto the road in front of the cabin and aimed up at the nearby mountain peak with my 18-200mm and waited for the Sun to drop to the ridge line.

Sunset-Tree Silhouette-closeup-HDR

I opted to use HDR which allowed me to show some the rugged and beautiful foilage on the mountainside. Otherwise it would have only been in silhouette which did look just fine on its own.

My -4 exposure

One of my -4 EV exposures

An earlier wider composition

9 bracket HDR

9 bracket HDR

I would prefer that we never have wildfires, however they sure make pretty light!

The earlier part of day 1 was spent out on Pineview Resevoir

I had actually forgotten my camera (Doh!) and so many shots from this day were taken on our little Canon PowerShot SX280 HS until one of the boys was brought up later by his family who very graciously ferried my gear to me.

Panorama of the Beach we used at Pineview Resevoir.

Panorama of the Beach we used at Pineview Resevoir. (shot after my D7000 was brought up to me)

We spent that day boating around the lake and the scouts had a great time!

IMG_0682 IMG_0689 IMG_0691 IMG_0725 IMG_0727Even caught one of the locals as it flew by

IMG_0746Not bad for a little point and shoot camera…

The next day was “hiking” day, a trail runs straight up the mountain from near the cabin and when I say straight up I can say it felt like it was literally straight up, I’m still not entirely sure how we managed to make it up and back down unscathed.

_DSC2908 _DSC2912But the view was (mostly) worth it!

_DSC3021_DSC3129The ridgeline at last!

_DSC3176At the top the trail intersected with the Skyline trail which runs the length of the Wasatch from Ogden to North Ogden Canyons. I’ll be taking the family up there soon to see the fall colors!

_DSC3187Heading back down!

Pineview-Valley_Pano-HDR1-webHDR panorama of Pineview Resevoir and Ogden Valley. You can see the smokey haze from the fire.

I have to admit that I was crazy sore the next few days, but it was worth it!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you’ll be back soon as I plan on showing some shots I made at a rodeo and demolition derby soon.

Happy Shooting!