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Boats! In Utah? It’s only the driest state in the country with a huge western desert including the famous Bonneville salt flats the crusty white hot salty remains of Lake Bonneville a huge inland sea that shrunk 14,000 years ago to leave behind a smaller even saltier version of itself.

 The Great Salt Lake is a truly amazing inland sea and like any other sea it has a marina so I decided to use it as a backdrop for my picture of boats for this weeks theme. The evening started out with me leaving the house a bit later than I had intended with my wife and daughter in tow, it’s funny how fast the sun seems to set when you’re trying to photograph it and haven’t reached your destination yet. It sets even faster when you miss your exit and it’s 5 miles to the next one…

 Skidding to a stop in a cloud of dust I was out the door and running to a spot overlooking the Marina as the sun was kissing the top of the distant mountains.

The Great Salt Lake Marina 6 shot HDR

The Great Salt Lake Marina
6 shot HDR

I have to say that I was thinking of my good friend Toad of Toad Hollow Photography while shooting this since he once said that he didn’t know if he could come to Utah since it’s so far from the ocean. Well this should ease those fears a little, it sure smells and sounds like the ocean.

A short walk around led to a few more images as the sun continued to set.


Water_boats-webGreat_Salt_Lake_Marina_Sunset_HDR-1-webGreat_Salt_Lake_Marina_Sunset_6-webGreat_Salt_Lake_Marina_Sunset_7-webGreat_Salt_Lake_Marina_Sunset_8-webWe made our way up to the Marina’s overlook area to watch the last rays of light and the seagulls play.

Seagull on rocksSeagull flybySunset and rocks1_HDR

I hope you enjoyed our beautiful inland sea as much as I did, I will try to shoot here much more often as the Great Salt Lake has some truly spectacular areas, until then I’ll suggest that you visit my other good friend and Great Salt Lake expert  Scott Stringham for some mind blowing images of this natural wonder.

Happy Shooting!