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I was contacted earlier this year by the director of the Hill Air Museum and Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Utah (A super nice guy!)asking if it would be possible to use some of my images for their websites and Facebook pages. I was honored and humbled that they would ask and willingly gave them permission to do so as I’m a huge fan of the Museum and all the hard volunteer work that goes on to keep the place open and free to the public. (You can see many of my shots on the Heritage’s homepage and on the Museum’s Facebook page) Hill Air Museum has a huge collection of aircraft and support apparatus from the beginning of powered flight to today’s modern aviation wonders on display in two large hangars and a large outdoor area, well worth a visit (or twenty) if you can find the time. I hadn’t been up there this year and I wanted to try out my fisheye lens to see what I could get, and seeing how this weeks theme was “Metal” I thought it would be the perfect place to shoot.

The Mighty SR-71C  11 shot HDR using the Promote Control

The Mighty SR-71C 5 shot HDR using the Promote Control

You read that caption right, this is a “C” not “A” model. This SR-71C, “The Bastard” S/N 61-7981, was the only C model Blackbird ever built and was the last SR-71 to be manufactured. It was nicknamed “The Bastard” since it was a hybrid comprised of the rear fuselage of the first YF-12A (S/N 60-6934) and a functional engineering mockup of an SR-71A forward fuselage built for static testing. You can read all about it’s fascinating history here.

I would love to be able to shoot this thing from a higher angle to really show off it’s immense wing area!( 1,800 ft2) Head on it looks really tough but it’s all engines and cockpit which is very deceiving as this thing takes up a massive amount of space!

Want more? I’ve got more…

The A-10, F-16 and F-15 on display at the rear end of the Hangar

The A-10, F-16 and F-15 on display at the rear end of the Hangar – Fisheye HDR


Another view of the trio! Fisheye -HDR

The Sikorsky MH-53M Pavelow

The Sikorsky MH-53M Pavelow – Fisheye-HDR

The F-111 I'll have to shoot more of this one next time I visit!

The F-111E I’ll have to shoot more of this one next time I visit!

SR-71_F-16-CH-53_HDR-webSR-71_F-16-HDR-web SR-71-Engine_Helo_Flag_HDR-webMoving back in time…

The F-86f Sabre!

The F-86F Sabre!


The F-86F Sabre Head On -Fisheye HDR

The business end of a P-38J Lightning!

The business end of a P-38J Lightning!

The Beastly P-47D Thunderbolt!

The Beastly P-47D Thunderbolt! -Fisheye-HDR

Forgive me a moment as I flood you with a ton of shots of my favorite airplane the ever amazingly sexy P-51 Mustang…

P-51_Hill_Air_Museum_HDR-BW-web P-51_Hill_Air_Museum_HDR-web P-51_Hill_Air_Museum_Headon_HDR-BW-web P-51_Hill_Air_Museum_Headon_HDR-web P-52_Audrey_HDR_Nose detail_Hill_Air_Museum-webLast, but certainly not least the bombers…

B-17_Short-Bier_nose detail_HDR_Hill_Air_Museum-web

B-17 Bombay-color-HDR-web

B-25-Hill_Air_Museum_Fisheye-2_HDR-webB-25-Hill_Air_Museum_Fisheye_HDR-BW-webI couldn’t decide which I liked better so you get to see both…

B-25-Hill_Air_Museum_Fisheye_HDR-webSo that was my quick walk through the museum to try out my fisheye and to get a shot of “Metal”, how’d I do??

As always I didn’t have enough time on this visit and I would love to be able to get higher vantages to really make these images stand out from everyone else’s, but I’m happy with what I was able to get and look forward to returning soon to shoot more as each visit helps me see better and to explore shots that I missed on previous visits. If you ever get a chance to be near Ogden, Utah please take an hour or more to visit this amazing place you’ll only be disappointed that you couldn’t stay longer!

Happy Shooting!