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This was quite the week for me as I was able to successfully photograph a comet next to the crescent moon and finally got a panorama of our beautiful city.

I’ll have more details about the comet shoot in an upcoming post, but for now lets concentrate on how I got this HDR panorama of Salt Lake City.

Stitched from 12 vertical frames each one an HDR bracket of 7 exp @1EV.

Denver’s got nothing on this! This is what it really means to be at the foot of the mountains!  –  12 horizontal frames each one an HDR bracket of 7 exp @1EV.

It was Sunday evening and as we got ready to eat dinner I noticed that the sunset was shaping up to possibly be a good one, by that I mean not too many clouds and hopefully some good color. So after inhaling the food and with my wife and daughter along we rushed out the door and headed downtown for this vantage point on the northwest side of Salt Lake City that is possible due to the fortunate placement of a freeway overpass. This was the first time I’ve ever shot from this location and because of that I think I might have missed a more optimum vantage point along the overpass, so I plan on re-shooting this sometime.

We parked east of the overpass itself to avoid any problems and made what was a surprisingly long walk over to the west side, where the fencing drops in height, as we did some clouds drifted in front of the sun and blocked out a good portion of the light and muting the colors that were promising to really pop.

Using my Promote Control I started blasting off 7 shot brackets @1EV spacing and made two separate passes in a Vertical orientation and one in Horizontal. I ended up choosing the horizontal pass as it had the best color on the buildings and clouds.

I tonemapped each of the 12 frames separately, and then stitched them together in Photoshop. On my old PC this would have caused a melt down, but on my new PC this was stitched in under two minutes! I’m loving this….

After the last warm light faded and a chilly evening breeze picked up we made the long walk back to the car and stopped for a minute to watch a long freight train rumble by underneath us (Another photo op I’ll have to explore!)

A freight train heads south through the west side of Salt Lake City.

A freight train heads south through the west side of Salt Lake City. Canon Powershot SX260HS

I hope you enjoyed looking at this view of our fair city, I plan on shooting this again hopefully with better color,clouds, and angle.

Happy Shooting!