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The theme of “Up” leaves quite a bit open to the imagination so in these types of instances I try to look for opportunities that will give me a unique, or at the very least an off the wall take on the theme. It just so happens that I was able to gain access to a building overlooking the Gallivan Center Ice Rink in downtown Salt Lake City around sunset so I could grab this shot in some nice light.

Ice skating_tilt shift-web

We were here for my wifes work party, they had reserved the ice rink for a few hours for family and friends with plenty of warm food and hot chocolate on hand to keep you cozy and fueled up for the wobbly, sometimes bruising laps around the ice.

I wanted to make the skaters look like toy figures so I used photoshop to simulate a “Tilt Shift” type of effect making them look even smaller than they actually are.

Here’s another angle…

Ice skating_tilt shift-head on-webI also couldn’t resist walking around the plaza and took a few other shots this time in HDR to accommodate the wider dynamic range of light as the sun set behind the buildings.

Kazuo Matsubayashi's Asteroid Landed Softly Sundial  3 exp HDR Handheld

Kazuo Matsubayashi’s Asteroid Landed Softly Sundial 3 exp HDR Handheld I liked the reflection of the US Flag on top of the Walker Center Tower in the monument.

walker tower_HDR-web

And here’s the Walker Center Tower itself 3 exp HDR handheld

Thanks for coming along on this little adventure with me once again. Next post will be all about “Down” so look for that soon as I catch up on blog posts.

Happy Shooting!


PS: Hey this is my 100th post! Yay for me…I feel like I should have a giveaway or something, maybe a free print…Any ideas?