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Symmetry! A simple enough theme for the week, and yet I had a hard time conceptualizing what to shoot for it which as I’ve slowly learned throughout this past year means that I just need to stop thinking and get out and explore.  Which is exactly what I did, I drove downtown to my wifes work to take her out to lunch after which I planned on taking a photowalk in the city to see what I could find, well I didn’t have to wait long or look too hard since the shot presented itself as I was walking down the stairwell to the parking garage to get my sunglasses out of the car. I noticed that the two flights of stairs I had to go down looked pretty symmetrical, and if they looked cool as only two flights going down, what if I turned around and looked at the 10 floors going up?

They go up-solo-web

It’s funny that as I was shooting this I thought of one of my all time favorite movie lines! it’s from Ghostbusters and it cracks me up every time I think of it!

Even though I knew I had my shot I still went walking downtown and got my back up shots just in case I had totally blown the stairwell shot, this fountain caught my eye.

Fountain closeup vert-BW-web

I love backlight!

I love backlight!

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit today I hope you have a great day and that you’ll come back soon to see my next set of images.

Happy Shooting!