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Although I’m late in getting this posted to the blog, the theme for Week 44 was perfectly timed to coincide with Halloween. What better time of year to find something “Spooky” to photograph?

We had a great Halloween this year as the weather was near record setting warm and taking my daughter and two of her friends out trick or treating was a blast! However trying to find something truly spooky just didn’t happen as the neighborhood decorations were more funny than scary.

So I moved on to my backup idea which was to create a spooky scene from scratch. So what does it take for an action figure,potting soil, two twigs, a cereal box, and a piece of paper have to do to become spooky…?

Rebirth!  3 shot HDR @2EV

Rebirth! 3 shot HDR @2EV

It’s all in the presentation! I set this up in my garage which had some early morning light coming in through the window to give me some moody ambient light, I cut out a hole in a cereal box and placed my Spawn action figure inside with his zombie-esque hand poking out through the hole and covered the box with some potting soil. I then added a cut out print of an old creepy tombstone and two twigs that had fallen off one of our trees behind it all and using my 50mm f/1.8 + 12mm extension tube I got this shot!

Of course I had to play around with it just a little bit as well.

Not so spooky! 3 shot HDR @ 2EV

Not so spooky! 3 shot HDR @ 2EV

Earlier in the week I had scouted out The Fear Factory a popular “Haunted House” in downtown Salt Lake City and I must say the setting was pretty creepy, unfortunately the gates were closed and I had to use a telephoto to get anywhere near this shot and even then I had to crop in quite a bit so I decided not to use it for the challenge, but I sure wish I could have had a crack at this at night!

Death Grip!

Death Grip!

Those are life size mannequins and that Grim Reaper was huge!

Thanks for looking, I’ll have the next theme up very soon as I work to get all caught up on my posts!

Happy Shooting!