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Who loves vegetables? I sure do! Now if you had asked me that question before I was 18 years old I would have made a face and given an emphatic “No!” ( Well, except for tomatoes and avocados, I’ve always loved those. I blame my Dad, he taught me to eat them with a sprinkle of salt..yum! and lets not get into the whole Tomato is a fruit discussion) But when I went on my LDS mission to Italy that all changed drastically, if you want to know how vegetables should be prepared and served that’s the place to go! (As if you need any excuse to go to Italy!) Now I can’t get enough, in fact if I go more than one day without a salad or raw veggie I start to feel all out of sorts, a far cry from my youth that’s for sure.

So I was super excited to see that Week 34’s theme was “Vegetable”. We have a small garden this year and the drought’s been pretty rough on it, but we have a few hardy plants and I decided to take a few shots of them in the early morning light after taking the kids to school on their first day back from summer break, so I grabbed the Gorillapod and prepared to get down low and dirty.

50mm f/1.8 + 12mm Extension tube 3 exp HDR @ 2EV

Our Pumpkin plant’s stem has this funny little curve to it that makes it sweep over the top of the Pumpkin and I really liked how medieval the spikes made it all look along with the great contrasting colors.

As I was setting up for the shot I noticed that a Bee was in one of the nearby blossoms doing “laps” on his side around the Stamen. Now I don’t know if Bees can get high off of pollen but this guy looked out of his little bug brain, he was really giving it a go, so much so that the best composed shots I got which showed him head-on or full body were all blurry from his speed (it was due to my low ISO, I was setting up for a  tripod shot and wasn’t expecting to need a 1/500 sec exposure…)

However I ended up with this one which shows him on his side as he took a short break from spinning around.

50mm f/1.8 @ f/5.6 1/160sec, iso 400 (should’ve gone to 1000!)

A little wider shot of the Pumpkin:

The early morning light gave a nice back light for this shot. 3 exp HDR @ 2 EV.  50mm f/1.8 + 12mm extension tube.

And finally here’s a shot of our Bell Pepper plant, we’re really excited about this one as we’ve had bad luck getting these to grow in our garden the last few years.

Green Pepper 3 exp HDR @ 2 EV with 50mm f/1.8 + 12 mm extension tube @ f/8, iso 100.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this macro peek at our garden, coming up next is a post I’m very excited about as I had a real fun time shooting and editing the pictures.

Happy Shooting!