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The theme for Week 33 of the 52 week challenge was “Red”…..OK that’s not too hard is it? Actually I find these wide open themes to be the most challenging, mostly just because I try too hard to think of something out of the ordinary/obvious and I usually end up failing miserably on both counts. For this theme I actually had a shot in mind looking down a long street full of stoplights at sunset that I would shoot using a long tele-photo to compress the perspective.  Well the problem with that shot idea is that I’m always working at sunset, and I only have the weekend to shoot something like that, however this weekend I found myself on a campout with my son and his scout troop in the mountains far away from any stoplights.

Enter the backup ordinary/obvious shot… and that’s OK because sometimes we need to find good shots in the ordinary because in life there’s certainly more “ordinary” around us than the exceptional. (Well that was more profound than I intended and now my brain hurts, I’ll return to being simple minded now…)

This was the ordinary shot of a bush along our backyard fence, I enjoy watching the changes that happen to this bush from Spring to Fall, and as the berries come on they start out green and change to red and finally black before falling off.

Signs of change, red berries on the bush. 3 shot HDR @ 2EV 18-200mm @ 200mm

Another shot of the Berry bush.

3 shot HDR @ 2EV Handheld with the 18-200mm

While on the campout I had a few minutes to take a short hike through the woods and I looked for a chance to shoot something “Red” and although it’s still August we’ve had very little rain this year so the trees are starting to change early and the scrub oak on the backside of the Wasatch range was a good place to find some.

3 shot HDR @ 2 EV Handheld with the 10-20mm.

3 shot HDR @ 2 EV Handheld with the 10-20mm.

I’m hoping that the colors will really pop this year as they sometimes do in low precipitation years, but I’m a little worried they’ll fizzle with them starting to come on so soon.

Along with the berries I also took this shot of a Peach on my neighbors tree.

3 shot HDR @ 2EV Handheld with the 18-200mm

And to prove that I didn’t just phone it in this week… 😉 here’s a shot that I actually created with a laser pointer and a dust rag…

Red Laser Pointer (with the button taped down) shot with the 50mm f/1.8
I shook a used dust rag to give me the “particles” needed to reflect the laser light and a small aperture to give me the star burst.

Well that’s it for this week, coming up soon is the Sandy Balloon festival and the theme of “Vegetable”

Thanks for visiting, and Happy Shooting!