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Week 30 of the LensProToGo.com’s 52 week challenge brought us the theme of “Water” I immediately had two ideas come to mind, freezing water droplets (by using a flash) and a waterfall. It’s been an incredibly hot and dry summer here in Utah and I haven’t gotten into the mountains like I had planned to do this year so this gave me a perfect excuse to pack up the family for a quick drive up nearby Little Cottonwood Canyon and cross off a waterfall from my list of “Drive By Waterfalls.”

Lisa Falls is a small waterfall that sits about 3 miles up the canyon, and a short 100 yards off the road. Sunday evening we drove up the canyon enjoying the instant cool down as we entered between the granite faced canyon walls, and soon found ourselves parking on a pullout opposite the trailhead.

The climb was short with a few steep(ish) but easy to navigate sections shaded by tall trees and plenty of bushes that follow a dry wash to the falls, it opens up onto a large broken granite faced wall where the falls cascade down left to right on a diagonal with some overspill coming down in a thin layer straight down the face of the wall that you can walk right up to and touch without getting sprayed on.

Lisa Falls, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah 7 exp HDR @ 1EV with a fader ND filter. Using the Promote Control.

The trail:

5 exp @ 2EV HDR

A wide view showing most of the area around the base of the Falls.

2 shots stitched in an accidental panorama (I didn’t intentionally shoot this as a pano but it happened to work out OK) 7 exp @1EV HDR using the Promote Control.

My wife has started taking more “Behind the Scenes” shots of me lately since I’m never in any of the pictures.

This gives a good scale of the falls, this is the very bottom section that makes up about 1/4 of the falls as you see in the wide angle photo above.

The full falls. 7 exp @1ev HDR with a fader ND filter using a Promote Control.

A head on view of Lisa Falls 7 exp @1EV HDR with a fader ND filter using a Promote Control and converted to Black and White.

Lisa Falls is popular with rock climbers and you can see some anchors that have been left in the rock.

These Anchor bolts go up! 7 exp @1EV HDR using a Promote Control.

Another BTS (Behind the Scenes) shot of me and the kids taken by my wife.

This is pretty typical of what happens when I bring them along, however to really set the mood properly I would have to include the whining sound of “Dad are you done yet?” But they had a good time…I think.

Water overspills a slab of granite in a thin film that has discolored the rock, but is a fun place to walk right up and touch the falls without being drenched in spray.

I got right up next to the wall with my 10-20mm and used 7 exposures @1EV using a Promote Control to make an HDR.

As the sun began to set, we ended up having one of the best sunsets of the year (at least that’s what all my local photography friends said online later that night) we could only see the small area of sky you see in this shot, but we could tell it was a nice one as the light changed quickly and dramatically.
7 exp @1Ev HDR with a Fader filter and Promote Control.

Sunset peaks! 7 exp @ 1 EV HDR with a fader filter and Promote Control.

We took some informal family shots in front of the falls and then made the quick hike back to the car. I’m planning on coming back here in the winter for some frozen falls shots, and again in the spring to see how an increased flow will look over these falls. I always seem to visit waterfalls at the tail end of summer when the water is at its lowest.

Thanks for visiting once again I truly appreciate it, please feel free to leave any comments or questions.

Happy Shooting!