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The theme for Week 23 was “Blue” the perfect subject to shoot while on our annual family visit (courtesy of my employer) to our local amusement park Lagoon.

Many of the rides and decorations at the park are blue and I had a hard time deciding which way to represent the theme best until I realized that the true constant throughout the entire day was the striking blue of the ever present sky. now to just use it as a backdrop to something interesting…

Enter my son and the age old human dream to fly.

I love the look of joy on his face!

This year we had our son and daughter each bring a friend to keep them company and relieve us of “come ride with me” duty. It was a brilliant plan and my wife and I both had a great time as observers and let me try my best impersonation of a paparazzo, as such my pictures were mostly just snapshots (lots of pictures taken of kids in lines, real exciting stuff) but I think I got a few good ones…

Lagoon’s famous wooden roller coaster.

The Ferris Wheel

The small gauge train that circuits the “lagoon” and the parks small zoo. – 3 shot HDR handheld

Detail of the steam engine – 3 shot HDR -handheld

This is Lagoon’s “lagoon” – 3 shot HDR Handheld

the newest ride is the “Air Racer” designed to simulate an air to air encounter (aka: rolling scissors – a series of barrel rolls)

Air Racer goes inverted

Speaking of flying.. here’s a demonstration of how to properly flap your arms…

The Sky Ride crosses the length of the park

One of the goals of my daughter this year was to ride the “Colossus” roller coaster a double loop coaster no easy feat for a little girl but she psyched herself up and all four of the kids went together (twice)

The “Colossus” roller coaster the first hill and loop

My kids and their friends on the downhill, my daughters friend has a priceless expression (thank you 300mm!)

top of the loop

The Music Express 3 shot HDR handheld

fight those G’s!

Dino prizes – 3 shot HDR handheld

The entrance to the “Spider” roller coaster ride – 3 shot HDR handheld

The old Carousel – 3shot HDR Handheld

He’s thinking “in just a few years I’ll be driving for real…”

Pioneer Village main street – 3 shot HDR handheld

At the end of Pioneer Village is the Rattlesnake Rapids ride, it’s a water ride that has a mining theme as its backdrop, I love the plants and props in this area.

The Rattlesnake Rapids train – 3 shot HDR handheld

Mine carts and blossoms – 3 shot HDR handheld

An old rock crusher and waterfall – 3shot HDR handheld

A closer view of the rock crusher – 3shot HDR handheld

Rattlesnake Rapids waterfall, you will get wet!! – 3 shot HDR handheld

My daughters turn to fly!

As the sun set action shots became a bit more difficult, but I enjoyed the blurring a longer shutter speed gave me, I just need to really practice panning!

The Dancing Dragon round and round it goes…

Bom-Bora a really fun, smooth roller coaster with great music playing as you ride.

A zoom pan of the “Turn of the Century” swings ride I wish I had brought a flash to illuminate the riders.

Lagoon always features musical performances, this year they sang hit Broadway songs, this one had something to do with a baby…

Large Prize!

Well we didn’t take away a stuffed animal, but our prize was a fun filled day with family and friends. It’s always fun to visit Lagoon and this year was no different, we’re already looking forward to next years visit.

Thanks for taking the time to share this fun day with us I hope you enjoyed it, coming up next is Week 24 ‘s theme of “Monster.”

Happy Shooting!