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The theme for week 21 has us taking a peek into the fridge. I had originally planned on using some strobes gelled and hidden in the back of the fridge to make some fun colorful shots, including one of my cake all ablaze in the dark, but after a hectic and long week I was ready to settle for a little less work on my shot and instead took a few simple pictures of my birthday cake as I celebrated (mourned) my last year of being a “30 something.”

My daughter wanted it to say “Daddy” but it wouldn’t fit…

My wife and daughter were pretty sick all week so celebrations were somewhat limited in their exuberance, however Red Velvet cake makes everything better.


Gifts were some much needed shirts and a surprise (although I knew I was getting it weeks ago, as my wife left the browser open to the amazon.com page- doh!)

Not exactly the new PC I want and need, but a fun and really useful piece of kit to own. I’ve already put it to good use and find it incredibly quick and easy to use especially when I want to get really low. It’s so much faster to do so than with my Benro tripod, and the best part is that the quick release plate I use for my regular tripod works perfectly fine with the Gorillapod X-ballhead! So I don’t need to be switching tripod plates – Yay!! It’s sturdy as well I used it with my 70-300mm racked all the way out without any problems.

Another gift I got was also supposed to be a surprise but I answered the door when my friend/neighbor/shooting buddy Heather Webb came to pick up my copy of Scott Kelby’s The Digital Photography book #4  to take with her to the Google+ Photographers conference she was attending that week. I had thought of asking her to take it to get Scott’s autograph but I didn’t want to burden her with another thing to carry or the worry of trying to get an autograph from one of the busiest men in the world. However that all changes when she offers of her own accord, so I gladly handed it over and she got more than just Scott Kelby‘s autograph, she also got the autographs of RC Concepcion, Matt Kloskowski, Trey Ratcliff, Scott Bourne, Michael Freye, Karen Hutton and Colby Brown!


Scott Kelby and Colby Brown

How cool is that? I’m so grateful to her for doing that and for all those people signing my book (not to mention it was a book written by someone else) I’m incredibly jealous that she got to meet all of them (I’ve met Karen and Colby of course, but I’d love to talk with them again)

All in all a good Birthday and a fun assignment for the week. I had hoped to cap it off with some awesome airshow pics from over the Memorial Day weekend, but my wife was still too sick and I ended up staying home to take care of her (plus the weather was lousy) so I’ll have to try for those next year…

Happy Shooting!