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This weeks theme was “Jump” During the week a few opportunities to shoot for it were presented,  I took this shot as my family and I were viewing the partial solar eclipse from a park located on the foothills east of Salt Lake City. Unfortunately it was a very cloudy evening which complicated taking pictures of it so as the eclipse waned to a close and the clouds obscured the view I asked my wife to jump off some swings at the park. She was a real trooper especially as she doesn’t like swings too much, the sunset was breaking through in glorious colors and I halfway laid on the ground to get her and the sunset in frame of the 10-20mm. Unseen to me at the time was another visitor who was shooting the sunset with his i-phone, and had started to run over the small hill in the background, I love happy accidents and I’m not afraid to use them to my advantage. I really like how his silhouette adds an element of mystery to the shot combined with the shadowy movement of my wifes “jump”.

Jump and Run!

The other opportunity came earlier in the week when I chaperoned a field trip for my daughters class, we visited a local grocery store for a behind the scenes tour followed by a visit to a local care facility so they could sing for the patrons that lived there. It was a 3 mile round trip walk on the hottest day of the year (up to that point anyway) and despite many complaints of being tired they all seemed to have a good time.

A panorama of a very small portion of the students and parents at the halfway point as we waited to cross an intersection. 5 shot handheld panorama

Once the kids had sung and eaten lunch they were able to play on the playground where I caught my safe jump shot.

That’s a “T” for hanging on the rim!

That’s it for week 20, next week’s theme is “In your fridge” hmmmm think I’ll be using a strobe or two for that one. Coming soon will also be the eclipse pictures that I got despite the clouds! Stay tuned, and as always thanks so much for stopping by and looking!

Happy Shooting!