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Week 19 ‘s theme of “Shoes” finds me back at Wheeler Farm where I shot last weeks theme “Shadows”  I promise that I’m not planning on becoming a farmer anytime soon it’s just that this week we had our monthly family get together to celebrate Mothers Day and all the family birthdays for the month of May (Lucky me I get May all to myself) It was a beautiful spring day and getting out of the house seemed a fitting way to celebrate, plus kids love farms and farm animals. After all the party type activities were finished we took a stroll around the farm. I was on a quest to find some horse shoes for the challenge as I felt it would be a fun spin on the theme, surprisingly it was harder than I had expected to find horse shoes, even the horses were shoeless.. Go figure.

Eventually we ran across this old weathered outlying cabin/shed and its door was decorated with a number of horseshoes. I set about trying to capture it differently than flat on.

“Shoes of a different breed” These were so old and battered I can’t imagine them ever having been on a horse. – 3exp HDR with the 10-20mm.

“Infinite Luck” 3 exp HDR (sometimes straight on works)

My more conventional take on the theme:

The “safe” shot.

“Shoeless!” – My not so safe shot. 3 exp HDR – handheld

Now a collection of random images I made as we wandered around the Farm:

“Piggy back ride” Is there a more fitting place for one of these?

Of course they are…

We weren’t the only ones having a family get together.

I counted at least 12 “pro” photography sessions going on while we were there. (PS: She probably shouldn’t be wearing white…)

3 exp HDR – Handheld

This one’s for Toad of Toad Hollow Photography who has the greatest knack for photographing old rusty farm/industrial equipment! 3 exp HDR

The horseshoes were on the door of the cabin to the right. 3 exp HDR Handheld

This poor guy was shedding so badly he was begging for anything to scratch him, even silly guys with cameras. 3 exp HDR Handheld

The original farmhouse of Wheeler Farm, I would love to shoot the interior of this someday. 3 exp HDR handheld

The front yard, where the Duck and Geese roam… 3 exp HDR Handheld

One of many irrigation ditches that run around the entire farm. 3 exp HDR Handheld

A photography magnet! I can’t imagine how many portraits have been made here. 3 exp HDR handhled

This old timer was mumbling in his sleep. 3 exp HDR Handheld

Awake! For an old timer he’s still got perky ears… 3 exp HDR Handheld (isn’t golden hour backlighting just gorgeous?!)

Well that’s it for this weeks adventure. Thanks for taking yet another spin around Wheeler Farm with me. I have plenty more to explore there some other day (so much rusty goodness to really dive into when I have more time to do so) I’m sure I’ll share more pictures from the farm someday, but for now I’m planning on the next theme “Jump” and a partial solar eclipse.

Happy Shooting!