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“Light illuminates, Shadows define” renowned photographer Rick Sammon often uses this quote when talking about photography and I definitely agree. So when this weeks theme of “Shadows” came up I was really excited especially as the Photowalking Utah group was having a photowalk in the newly opened mega shopping complex in downtown Salt Lake City the City Creek Center. The walk would start at 7am giving us great opportunities for some dramatic sunrise light and of course lots of shadows!

Didn’t happen.. it was a conspiracy I tell you… OK, it was really my son and his friends needing a ride to the late (11pm) showing of Avengers and that meant staying up late, so waking up early was a no go. Enter Plan B, only I didn’t have a Plan B, but we did need to scout out a place for the family party we were hosting next week and that meant a trip to Wheeler Farm and lots of shadows (I hoped!)

My wife and daughter came along and here’s a bit of what we saw.

This sign on the side of a barn caught my eye immediately! – 3 exp HDR handheld
“Light illuminates, Shadows define” -Rick Sammon

My daughter on her tippy toes to see some horses, when I looked behind me after taking this shot I saw the sign on the side of the barn, so here’s a free photo tip – “look behind you” It’s an oldie but a goodie!

One of the many pastures around Wheeler Farm. – 3 exp HDR Handheld

Wheeler Farm’s most abundant wildlife… 3 exp HDR handheld

She loves horses! 3 exp HDR handheld

“Can I please have a horse?”

Every year I go to the farm we see the lambs crawling in the trough to the complete and utter annoyance of the adults trying to eat. 3 exp HDR handheld

I guess we can be annoying as well…

Watching the cows.

Thanks for taking this shadow scouting mission with us, we’ll be headed back to Wheeler Farm for week 19’s theme: “Shoes.”

Think I can find a few of those on a farm?

Happy Shooting!