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The last leg of our epic day long #jarviewalk the Google + Photowalk in Salt Lake City started with us as was the norm for the day being behind the main group which had left the library ahead of us. (“Us” being +Heather Webb, +Karen Hutton, +Roma G and +Natalia Stone and of course myself…)

We were headed downtown to the world famous Temple Square as the final portion of the photowalk to hopefully capture the sunset, although I was not hopeful for that to happen at all as it had been very overcast all day and seemed to be getting worse as the afternoon turned to evening. Our little group headed west from the Library to Washington Square and the Gothic style City County building, on the corner was this statue.

The Washington Square “Ute” statue – 3 exp HDR Handheld

Roma and Natalia split away from us as we walked over to Main street for a straight shot up to Temple Square the whole way snapping pictures, and talking to Karen which was just totally awesome as I’m a huge fan of her photography and her web cast show Life through the Lens and she was just as nice as could be to Heather and I as we kept stopping to take ridiculous shots all the while looking for a coffee shop for Karen that I had sworn was on Main street but as fate would have it I was wrong (hey how often does that happen..?) and as we all know now I don’t drink coffee so I have very little knowledge of anything related to it,  but Karen took it in stride and although I apologized profusely for misleading her she was very forgiving and as it turns out she found some eventually! “All’s well that ends well”

Here are some of those snapshots from the long walk downtown.

An interesting awning over a downtown bar’s entrance – 3exp HDR handheld

Some strong nostrils! 3exp HDR handheld

A new shopping center had opened downtown and many celebrations were happening along the streets including some musicians.

Old rockers never die they just fade away like blue jeans… 3 exp HDR Handheld

Gotta love a percussionist whose into Sponge Bob

Check out that Fret tat!

As we reached Temple Square we ran into local photographers +Jeremy Davies (who we saw at the library) and +Heather Garcia. Jeremy took off to rest up for dinner and Heather Garcia took over as tour guide as we explored Temple Square waiting for the rest of the group to show up for the sunset shoot.

The reflecting pool in front of the temple is a popular photo spot.

Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to take a group picture.

Heather Webb ready to pounce on a shot!

And she got it! you can see her version here.

Here’s my version:

On point!

We headed into Temple Square proper to grab shots of the Temple and the world famous Tabernacle home of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

The south side of the Salt Lake Temple 3 exp HDR

Temple square has amazing landscaping year round and Spring brings wonderful flowers 3 exp HDR handheld

Notice those nasty flat gray skies? Yeah sunset was not looking like it was going to happen.

3 exp HDR handheld

Inside the Tabernacle, that’s Karen Hutton in the center getting a nice fisheye shot. 9 exp HDR

A Black and White HDR of the famous Tabernacle organ. – 9 exp HDR

The time had come to meet back up at the reflecting pool so we headed there for a group shot (I haven’t found anyone that’s posted that group shot online yet- I’m talking to you Jarvie!) And to photograph the cutest kid in the world!

#jackattack Just search that hashtag and you’ll see all the amazing shots of this cute little boy aka: Jack Brown son of renown Photographer Colby Brown who was visiting with his family

Jack trying hard to walk. I’m sure that with Colby as his Dad he’ll be running up mountains in no time! #jackattack

That’s a proud Papa! #jackattack

We then split up to grab what shots we could before the walk ended and we either left or went to dinner. Our little group which included the two Heathers (Webb and Garcia), +David Daniels and another local photographer +Jon Barker headed into the nearby Joseph Smith Memorial Building which is right next to Temple Square and has an absolutely amazing lobby.

The Lobby of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building they even let us use our tripods! – 9exp HDR

The center piece and chandelier of the JSMB – 9 exp HDR

3 exp HDR handheld

The lobby has a mezzanine with wonderful views of the chandelier, lobby and the amazingly detailed architecture. We definitely did not have enough time here…

The chandelier from the mezzanine – 9exp HDR

Mezzanine 9 exp HDR

At this point Jon and David reminded us that it was time for sunset so we hopped on the elevator for a ride to the top (10th) floor which has a restaurant with a great view of Temple Square to see if there was a shot worth taking. As we got off the elevator we found Heather Garcia talking to the receptionist and a line of people crowding the windows, but we also saw a blast of golden light streaking from the distant horizon, the clouds had parted! It was just enough of a break that something beautiful was beginning, Heather rushed back to us and said “9th floor!” so we went down one floor to the reception rooms that as luck would have it, and the receptionist had told Heather were unoccupied.  David and Heather turned off the lights, we all hopped up on the windowsills and we started snapping away like there was no tomorrow! (the catering staff just worked around us like it was nothing, who knows what they were thinking about us crazy photographers standing on the windowsills snapping and chattering away, they must see this view all the time)

Heather Webb demonstrating the proper windowsill technique for getting your shot.

Salt Lake Temple Sunset – Finally those ugly clouds were good for something! 9 exp HDR #templesunset A search for that hashtag will bring up other shots of the sunset that night from other photographers on the photowalk.


9 exp HDR #templesunset

The sun was gone but not forgotten… 9 exp HDR

As we left the Joseph Smith Memorial building Heather and Jon saw a photo op offered by the church in its Family Search Center on the ground floor where they take an antique photo of you, so we took a shot of our “9th floor photo bandits” group.

Front Row – David Daniels, Heather Garcia, Heather Webb
Back Row – Howard Jackman, Jon Barker

What a great day! I couldn’t have asked for a better ending. I appreciate all of you for coming along on the long ride and for all your comments and “likes” it means a lot to me and I’m glad I’ve been able share it with you.

A huge thanks to all the amazing photographers I met along the way, whether it was briefly or for a longer time, I enjoyed it immensely and I hope you found my company enjoyable as well. And a final thanks to Jarvie and Google+ for the organization, promotion, and support of this great photowalk.

Let’s do it again!!

Happy Shooting!