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LensProToGo.com’s 52 week challenge is shaping up quite nicely with many diverse and I think unique challenge themes. This past week was no exception with the theme being “Coffee.”

 Personally I don’t drink coffee so I don’t have easy access to it, so the first idea I had was to run downtown and do some street photography of all the caffeine addicts walking the streets, however weather and scheduling conflicts prevented me from being able to do that so I ended up having to be a little bit innovative.

Cue the Legos! I noticed that some mushrooms were growing on our tree stump (again) so I decided a little fun set up would be in order, so I had my kids pull out some of their Legos and set up a little coffee shop among the mushrooms.

"Shrooms and Brew" Did you notice the LensProToGo.com logo? 3 exp HDR 18-200mm @200mm.

I added the logo and steam in post but thought it gave it a nice touch.

Here was another setup where I used my daughters new “girlie” Lego characters as well.

"Lego Fred Durst at the 'Shroom Coffee Shop" - 3 exp HDR

As is my habit with these challenges I try to have a few alternative ideas/shots to make me flex my creative muscle a little and to try and learn new things so I ran down to the closest coffee shop around sunset and tried a few ideas.

Caffe Expresso Moon rise

Too much Caffeine!

I think that illustrates the way some might feel after having too much coffee or maybe when they’re not getting it.

The next theme is “Shadows” which should be fun.. and I’ll have the final portion of the epic #jarviewalk coming up very soon.

Happy Shooting!