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Week 15 brought a unique and off the wall theme to the LensProToGo.com 52 week challenge; “Paper Airplane”, meaning that the shot had to include a paper airplane.

Okay…Well that opens things up a bit doesn’t it, I had formed an idea around the thought of “what would a paper airplane want to be?” Well the logical answer seems to me to be a real plane so I took along a bunch of paper airplanes and my (mostly) willing assistants aka: my family to the South Valley Regional Airport affectionately known in these parts as Airport #2 (no points for creativity there I know..) Which just happens to be a hop, skip, and jump from our home. I had wanted to take these at the Salt Lake International airport but due to the insane paranoia surrounding airports these days I thought better of it. As a regional airfield with only privately owned aircraft this airfield is much easier to photograph, so a few minutes, a few different set ups and angles and this is what I got:

"When Paper Airplanes Dream" - 3 exp HDR

I had wanted to catch the sunset lighting up the clouds (this shot faces East and the Wasatch mountains) but was foiled by some last minute clouds on the horizon behind me so the clouds didn’t light up like I wanted, but instead took on a moody look.

Another angle:

3 exp HDR

A different idea I had tried the day before was no good as it was just too windy to get the plane to fly right. I had wanted a “landing” shot like you often see where the plane is just feet away from touchdown, I wanted the same kind of view point so we found an empty street next to a school and I laid down in the road (I mentioned it was empty right? It was also a side road to the school so there was no traffic at all it being a Saturday and all)

Here are the two “best” shots, meaning the plane was actually in frame:

"Your approach is a little steep there Captain"

Bottoms up!

Not the kind of landings I wanted…

My last idea was a flight line using lego figures so I set up the shot in our basement and using my Cactus V5 wireless triggers and one YN-560 flash that I snooted to concentrate the light into more of a spotlight I made this shot:

Lego flight line

I’m having so much fun experimenting with off camera flash! The set up for this was much less glamorous than the final result would lead you to believe. I used my 18-200mm  racked all the way out to 200mm to give a nice shallow depth of field and I set up a black backed comforter on a chair about 4 feet behind the planes to give a solid black background (and to hide the TV I was watching) the flash was to camera right and up a little higher at about 1/16 power, the planes were set up on a small table on some black paper board and I took the shot. Simple and fun!

The next theme is “Getting from Point A to B” I’m loving the randomness of these themes!

Happy Shooting!