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Part three of our #jarviewalk adventure took place in the Salt Lake City’s Main Library located across from the City County building and just north of the former Main Library which was transformed into the Leonardo Interactive Museum where we had a photowalk a few months ago. We were told to meet there by 4pm, so after finishing up at the Cathedral of the Madeline, Heather Webb and I parked downtown (thanks to my wife for the great parking spots at her work) and headed for a bite to eat at Carl’s Jr. before walking the 2 1/2 blocks to the Library. This was my first ever visit into the interior of the Library and I was very impressed, this has to be one of the prettiest Libraries out there, it’s such a complete shift from the monolithic feel of the old Library.

Looking West towards the entrance showing the Book Section on the left with its Grand Staircase and elevators, and the reading nooks on the right. 3 exp HDR

We immediately bumped into David Daniels an extraordinary local photographer, and all around great guy, (just be careful while drinking anything around him as he will make you laugh out loud) and we stood in the impressive main foyer (called the “Urban Room”) and chatted while waiting for the main group to arrive as they had visited another location prior to the library and were running late.

After a half hour or so the main group finally arrived and we headed out to the plaza to shoot and to access the long curving stairway to the roof.

The photowalkers gather in the plaza, - 3exp HDR - handheld.
You can see the former Library now the Leonardo Museum in the background.

Behind this massive wall of glass are over 500,000 books. -3 exp HDR -handheld

To the West in Washington Square is the Gothic inspired City County Building. I've always felt like this and the Cathedral of the Madeline were siblings separated at birth. - 3exp HDR -handheld.

As we headed up to the roof I noticed Heather photographing the stairs, you can see her great shot here. (I totally missed seeing that inscription) - 3 exp HDR - handheld.

A lone photographer and his gear, I believe this was actually David Daniels. -3 exp HDR - handheld.

A couple of teens were scofflawing (is that a real word?) and riding down the long stairs. - 3 exp HDR - handheld

3 guesses as to who these sandals belong to...

Finally we reached the top!

"I'm the King of the World!" Local photographer Jeremy Davies.

The Wasatch front reflected in the skylight. Crossing over the skylight you enter the rooftop garden/patio. - 3exp HDR - handheld.

G+ photographer/celebrity Lotus Carroll posing for a very windswept portrait.

No longer King, just tired. - Jeremy Davies texts while resting at a table on the patio.

I didn’t take many shots from the roof as the clouds and wind kind of sucked the will out of me but I did have a chance to chat with another photographer hero of mine Colby Brown, we talked about photography, his hectic travel schedule, and being a new Dad. Seriously Colby is just an awesome guy, I highly recommend you look at his website, and learn about his charity work and photo workshops.

The exodus from the roof begins. Another G+ staple Brian Bach Sørensen keeps me company down the ramp to the roof entrance. Brian assembled a collage out of iphone images he took of all of us here (and yes I know the picture of me is waaaaay too big!)

Looking up at a wonderful sculpture that hangs in the middle of the library's book section. - 3exp HDR - handheld.

A triple fireplace, designed to look like a twisting column of fire when viewed at night from the outside these were a unique part of the library, and added a warm and inviting atmosphere to the area. - 3exp HDR - handheld.

The "Urban Room" from the top balcony, looking East. - 3exp HDR - handheld.

G+ photographer Milo Welch on the far balcony where I should have gone...(you can just see him in the wide angle image above) -3 exp HDR - handheld

While taking these images I was able to bump into and talk with one of my favorite photographers, the ever patient and gracious Karen Hutton. I’ll talk more about our interactions in the next section of our photowalk.

Heather taking her 1,001st shot of the flying books hanging sculpture... - 3exp HDR - handheld.

This was a popular vantage point. - 3exp HDR - handheld

My favorite shot from this part of the Photowalk - 3exp HDR - handheld.

Next up is the long walk to Temple Square and a surprise ending…

Happy Shooting!