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During this 52 week challenge I expect that at least a few times I’m not going to be as creative or enthused as I’d like to be, or that life events would be an obstacle. I think it’s important that I recognize that possibility and that I accept that it’s OK to have an off week for whatever reason as long as I don’t give up trying. So was this one of those weeks? You bet it was!

I had a shot in mind to get a foal or calf at nearby Wheeler Farm, what else says “Spring” than a cute, fluffy, playful, baby farm animal? I had wanted to go early in the week, but mother nature had other ideas, a huge wind storm on Sunday night/Monday morning tore down a section of our fence, and the wind and rain continued for most of the week forcing me to wait until Saturday. I took my wife with me and we walked around Wheeler Farm looking for new babies and found some less than cute and anything but fluffy piglets, and some ducks, and geese that were working on making babies.. No foals or calves though.

Walking back to our car a little bummed out we saw one little stable away from the rest and investigated it and found this:

A protective Mother and her Lamb.

For the first few minutes they both had their backs (OK, it was really their behinds!) to me. A little patience and the lamb turned and noticing me and my wife it tucked behind her Mom who then turned to see what was going on. click – click – click! Momma sheep turned away and the moment was gone. I’ll take it!

I’m impressed with how the D7000 handled the exposure as I was in Aperture Priority and that stable/shed was dark! Sure it blew out the door frame but I liked that so I kept it in the shot to give some context.

Of course I made a safe shot just in case, so the neighbors Apple tree blossoms were used to show “New Beginnings” especially as a withered apple from last year was still hanging on the branch behind them to contrast the new from the old.

And finally a grab shot I made as I was picking up some fertilizer for the lawn from IFA on Friday and a perfect example of why you should always have a camera, any camera with you. This was with our little canon point and shoot, I just jammed its lens up to the tiny mesh around the cage.

Hey, you lookin' at me?

It’s a good thing spring chicks grow up into ugly chickens, otherwise we’d have a ton of these running around the house.

Week 14’s theme is “Macro” Oh Yeah!! Now that’s a theme I’m enthused about, it’s going to be great to shoot for it no matter what!

Happy Shooting!