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#jarviewalk Just what is that crazy tag? Well it’s what’s being used to aggregate all the pictures and stories made during a Google+ photowalk orchestrated and led by Scott Jarvie in Utah March 23-25, 2012.

The photowalk officially started with a Sunrise shoot near Sundance in the Wasatch mountains near Provo. Family responsibilities prevented me from attending that part of the walk, however I was able to catch up with the group in Park City. I brought along my friend, neighbor, and fellow photo nut Heather Webb for her very first photowalk (nothing like an epic all day photowalk to get you hooked right?) We arrived only 30 minutes before the group planned on moving to the next area so our time in Park City was extremely limited, so we started shooting while making our way one street over to meet up with the others.

I guess we go this way...?
3 exp HDR handheld

The alley leading to Main street
9 exp HDR @1EV

Main Street is a long sloping street full of historic and rustic store fronts, galleries, restaurants and tourist trap type stores.

A very sloppy panorama showing Main Street, (please excuse the seams and other artifacts) We emerged about 1/3 the way from the top of Main Street and walked about 80 yards downhill to the meeting place before moving on to Salt Lake City. (That's Heather on the far right chimping away)

A short photowalk means limited shot opportunities, but I tried to get some examples of the very unique feel you get in Park City.

General Store - 3exp HDR Handheld

Color and stickers are a theme I'll have to explore more fully the next time I go to Park City. 3 exp HDR Handheld

Some Street photography:

I shot this on the backside of Main as we walked back to the cars, I don't think he ever knew I took his picture even though I blasted out a 3 shot bracket! - 3 exp HDR handheld

My friend Heather, she was really getting into the photowalk and was running all over the place, her energy was infectious which came in handy 7 hours later.

Grffitiit art by the famous "Banksy" on a wall along Main Street I had hoped to see this as I think it's one of his greatest works and so fitting for Park City home of the Sundance Film Festival. - 3 exp HDR Handheld (notice that the city has protected it behind glass)

Heather caught me shooting it:

The shot I was making at the time. - 3 exp HDR Handheld

Statue to skiers - 3 exp HDR Handheld

"Loosey the Moose" Where else do you see a moose with jeans, boots, and lipstick? - 3exp HDR Handheld

We were now at the meeting place, there I was able to talk for a brief time with local photographer and someone whose work I greatly admire; Jeremy Hall. 

Across the street were some workers hanging out on a 2nd floor balcony watching our little motley group.

Finally Jarvie made an appearance:

Jarvie making a Panorama of the group.

The cloud cover was getting worse and flat light was the norm for the rest of the day... The Sun was behind the lamp. (Only HDR or a strong fill flash would allow detail in the lamp to be seen on a shot like this.)
3 exp HDR Handheld

Walking back to the car we saw this nice piece of wall art.

Guess what kind of restaurant this was on? - 3exp HDR Handheld

And finally I was able to catch the boots I had seen earlier and ended up using in my 52 week project, you can read that blog post here:

3 exp HDR Handheld

I’ll be separating the rest of the photowalk into three more sections (2 photowalks in a week and a slow computer = frustratingly slow processing, and blog posting, so please be patient with me)

Next up on the Photowalk is the Cathedral of the Madeline in downtown Salt Lake City.

Happy Shooting!