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The story behind this shot will be explained in a later post as it’s part of a much larger story about an amazing Photowalk I was able to participate in on March 23, 2012.

This was taken in Park City a small town located up in the Wasatch mountains just east of Salt Lake City, Park City is famous for it’s skiing and most notably for the Sundance Film Festival held there every year. A portion of the epic weekend long photowalk was held here in Park City and this shot was taken near the end of it as I returned to my car to move on to the next location. I had actually seen this scene when I first arrived as it literally jumps out at you as soon as you see it for obvious reasons, but I didn’t take any shots of it since the angle just wasn’t right, since I was actually above the boots looking down it just didn’t seem too impressive a composition.

As I returned to my car however I approached it from below and this composition looked just about right.

3 brackets handheld at 2EV

The gritty texture and color just begged for an HDR shot so I obliged. 🙂

I was glad to find a shot for the challenge during the walk as I just didn’t want to shoot the shelves in my home as I thought that would be covered pretty well by many others in the challenge, so during the walk I kept an eye out for possible variations on the theme and captured a few others I liked, but I’ll share those in another post.

This coming weeks theme is “New Beginnings” with an emphasis on Spring so that should be fun. In the mean time I’m still processing tons of pictures from the last two photowalks and will share those all very soon.

Happy Shooting!