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So what’s your “Lucky Something”? This weeks theme made perfect sense seeing as it was St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday the 17th, unfortunately I’m not all that superstitious, I don’t believe in good luck charms, fortune cookies (that doesn’t stop me from eating them though), and don’t even get me started on Astrology. So in thinking over the theme I wondered what I could possibly shoot that represented my “Lucky Something”

My trusty Swiss Army Knife! 50mm f/1.8 + 12mm extension tube

So here’s what  I came up with, my trusty Swiss Army Knife that I’ve had in my pocket for over 12 years! (hence the worn out logo/light switch)  Here’s the link to the white light version of my knife as they no longer make the red light version that I have. 

I had several different possible images for the knife in mind and I was able to actually make each one happen, although with different levels of success. I chose the above image because I liked it’s close and low viewpoint giving an ethereal view of a rather small ordinary subject and the selective focus. I made this image by placing the white diffuser panel of my 5in1 reflector across two chairs and placed my YN-560 flash zoomed out to 24mm directly underneath  and I flipped out the flash’s “wide angle” diffuser. I triggered it using the Cactus V5 wireless trigger.

I was set at 1/4 power and with the 50mm f/1.8 + 12mm extension tube I just moved around the knife taking shots at different angles, heights, and distances, focusing on different parts of the knife and its multi-use implements.

My favorite tool of the knife and the one I use most often are the scissors. The next most used tool is the Red LED light (the blurry circle at the end of the knife) I often use that when I'm at my telescope.

The high power setting of the flash combined with the diffuser really wrapped the knife in a soft glow that I loved.

"Two the Point" get it? Two (too) OK, lame joke, but this fish gutter hook thingy is wicked sharp and still scares me every time I open it... That other blade to the right is a great box opener.

Here’s the generic “product shot”. So I started at this angle and worked my way in, by doing it this way I was able to find the best composition by moving and isolating the feature I wanted to showcase most.

The boring "Product Shot" however you do get to see all the fun features of this tiny little knife.

Back lit Silhouette

So this was my second idea, a back lit silhouette, I placed the knife on a stool and placed the 5in1 diffuser panel behind it and snooted the YN-560 flash set at 1/6 power and zoomed in to 105mm, it gave a real nice spotlight effect behind the knife. It was amazing how the camera settings made this look like a dark studio shot but in fact I was in my office with the room lights on.

Another version:

Here the angle is higher and the light spills onto the stool.

And finally the third idea which I thought I would like the most seeing that I’m an HDR addict and I also wanted to give some sense of scale and use to the knife by placing it in its environment. However it just lacks a certain something, but I liked the processing and the textures so I’ll show it anyways.

My pocket and the knife, I've got the red LED light turned on as I pull it out of my pocket. 3 exp HDR @2EV

So there you have it, not really my “Lucky Something” as I don’t have anything like that, but it certainly is my “Trusty Something” and that’s good enough!

I’m still working up the St. Patrick’s Day Parade photowalk shots and I should have those up soon, until then thanks as always for looking.

Happy Shooting!