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OK people buckle up it’s going to be a long ride! Here comes a new group of photos for you from the Studio Lighting Photowalk the Photowalking Utah Flickr group held at the Gateway Community Church in Draper, Utah February 21, 2012. (The first batch can be found here)

The 4th lighting set up I tried was conceived and hosted by another amazing local pro David Terry. He used 4 lights, 2 gridded strip softboxes to light the white seamless backdrop one large Octabank at camera left, and a shoot through umbrella nearly overhead in a beauty dish style and the stunning model was Alyssa VanLeeuwen. She was fun, engaging, and incredibly patient with all of us as we hooked into the strobes and tried to take a decent picture, luckily with such a great set up from David and a great model in Alyssa the keeper rate was pretty good, (now if I could only actually direct a model…)

Model: Alyssa VanLeeuwen

Here's the 4 light set up. You can barely see the 2nd softbox just above the left side strip light. Standing next to the light is David Terry waiting to assist with any question you had.

My friend and neighbor Eric Peterson taking his turn photographing Alyssa. He was shooting with his Canon T3i and a 50mm f/1.8

Eric Peterson is my friend and neighbor and this was his first photowalk, it’s so much more fun doing these things with a friend. Of course it’s always nice to talk to new people and make new friends which I was able to do at this walk, but I’m glad I was finally able to get Eric to come along, hopefully we’ll go on many more together (makes it easy to carpool as well) and I hardly even notice that he shoots Canon…

Trying to get a fun pose I had her balancing a bit too long as I tried to get a focus lock and she nearly fell, but like a pro she just resumed the pose and I got this one!

It's all about the shoes, at least it is for most of the women I know...

Well, then here you go.

I wanted a more illustrative/artistic feel for this one

Finally the last, but certainly not the least of my photos of Alyssa.

So enough of the beauty what about the beast?!

No, not an ugly hairy monster with bad manners and worse breath, rather that’s what our next pro Corey Luke calls this huge 7 foot umbrella style softbox.

Eric and Kyle chimping, you can see the huge softbox behind them.

Model: Kyle Demontmorency

Kyle was an amazing model, fun, energetic, and full of good ideas and able to emote and pose instantly he was really working with us photographers to get the best shots possible. I hope I did him a little justice.

The popular "HDR" look. This really only works on guys, do this on a woman's portrait and expect a fight.

I loved the crazy contrast in this one, all he did was step away from the light

Next up was another set up by Corey Luke this one used continuous lighting.

Model: Kenny Watson

Yeah Kenny's too good looking for his own good, wait till you see his "look" in the next picture. (Note to my wife; "Stop drooling!")

Piercing stare right?! Kenny did great holding still as the shutter speeds with continuous lights are pretty slow compared to strobes.

Going wide! (just cut out the face to avoid distortions)

I had a tough time being very creative with this set up which is too bad because as I look back on it now there were so many things I could have done that would have been perfect using those wonderful softboxes as backgrounds. I think at the time I was really annoyed that they were in the shots when I really should have been utilizing them in creative and unique ways and walking all around the piano to explore every angle. Sorry Kenny! I’ll do better next time.

The last lighting set up I was able to use was a one light shoot through umbrella with reflectors of a Martial Arts theme run by the very friendly duo of Wes Bowling and Dave (sorry Dave, I don’t have your last name or web link) using Cactus V5 triggers (just like mine!) I shot the wonderful model Bryce Hess. Bryce was working so hard all day jumping, spinning, kicking, punching, crouching, etc by the time I got to him at the end of the photowallk you could tell he was spent but just like all the models he just pushed through it and gave me his all, unfortunately I was out of gas by this time (I had only slept about 2 hours that night, it’s a long story) and I even called him the wrong name about a hundred times and he never said anything, so a huge “sorry” to him and thanks for hanging in there.

Model: Bryce Hess

I "sniped" this shot while waiting in line, no strobes just high ISO and luck

Wide angle again but this time I included the face. What do you think? I shot from 3 steps up a small ladder

After chatting for some time here with Wes it was time to end the photowalk, of course some people were still milling around so I walked around and grabbed a few shots of the two set ups I wasn’t able to participate in.

Model: Annya Becerra

This was a “Classic Hollywood” style portrait set up, and many people ended up converting the images to black and white and they look great. The lighting set up for this and many of the other sets was donated by our amazing local photo superstore Pictureline 

The other missed set up was a Rock Star theme on the stage hosted by David Daniels

Model: Rush Kane

I “sniped” this shot as the final photographer snapped away with the 3 gridded softbox set up.

The other lighting set up was next door in Rich Legg’s studio in a “theatre” theme with two models, but Eric and I never made it over to photograph them.

Finally I snapped just a few more shots of Shakira Farrar

I was really digging that shadow over her eye

Another photowalker Cody Sims made a great “fly through” video showing all the set ups and models, give it a quick watch over at his smugmug page! You can see my bald head just after the “Ninja” set up is shown and as the video speeds up for a second (timemark 1:13)

I had such a blast and it’s been so much fun working on these shots. I can’t wait for next year!

Have a great week, our next photowalk is planned for the St. Patricks day parade  on the 17th of March although the forecast is calling for rain so we’ll see what happens.

As always thanks for taking the time to look at my blog, and…

Happy Shooting!