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The theme for week 8 of the 52 week challenge was “laughter.”  This was one of those themes that presents so many possibilities that it actually gets hard to choose just one, however this past Saturday would provide two opportunities to capture some laughter, which they did, however it was not quite the way I had foreseen. I had expected more from a photowalk that I went to earlier in the day (more images from that in my next post) however I didn’t have many jokes ready to get the models to laugh not to mention I was so nervous being in front of so many other photographers watching my every move that I ended up with too many “serious’ shots. Luckily the next opportunity was Ice Skating with our kids and their friends and that’s always good for at least a few laughs before the bruises from falling start to hurt.

My eventual choice for the challenge shot is actually of my beautiful wife as she rode the handrail around the rink her first time on the ice. Her laughter wasn’t the belly laugh I had hoped to catch but more of a nervous “I’m going to die out here!” kind of laugh. Either way it qualifies for the theme so here it is:

Here are two more “laughter” shots I liked:

My son (in black) and one of his friends after a collision dropped them to the ice.

The first station of the studio photowalk was a set up of hot lights with a jungle theme, the model was very expressive and I also caught a nervous laugh from her as she got used to 20 cameras being pointed at her all at once.

The next theme is “Abstract”  Yeah that’s my kind of theme! Now to get out there and make some great images.

Happy Shooting!