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Have I mentioned before that I love photowalks? If I haven’t then please allow me a moment to profess my affection for them. I love getting to shoot with fellow photographers, I love the challenge of shooting in locations that I wouldn’t necessarily have chosen to shoot at on my own. I love seeing the work of others, the downside to that of course is realizing just how lousy I am when it comes to making good  photographs. However the positives outweigh that shame so off to another photowalk I went.

This time it was to the heart of downtown Salt Lake City to the interactive museum called The Leonardo This is housed in what used to be the main Salt Lake City Library, which was replaced a number of years ago with a new building just to the north and converted into a display/exhibition space. I had never been here before so I was intrigued by what it might have, and I was really surprised that they would allow a large group of us to come and photograph inside. This was one of the few times that a photowalk required an entrance fee but we had a group discount so it wasn’t bad at all. I arrived just late enough to miss the group shot, but I quickly got my ticket and after some socializing with some fellow photwalkers I started making pictures…well I tried to make pictures I’ll talk about it more in a minute.

Hanging over the vast lobby and escalators is this amazing motion filled sculpture/art piece, How do you even capture something like this? 3 exp HDR

Boasting 3 levels of exhibits and galleries the Leonardo thrives on interactive displays.

A massive multimedia display of Utah facts and figures. - 3 exp HDR

Behind those big screens you'll notice is a giant clear vinyl sculpture that is supposed to represent Jelly fish (well that's what the info plaque said) This is from the other side. The back of the screens is on the left side - 7 exp HDR

A close up of the vinyl "Jellyfish" representation. I'll just call it abstract.. 3 exp HDR

Adam and Eve - Ok that's what I call them I think it actually talks about the nervous system.

Just past the "Jelly fish" is a room of these glass cylinders (can you call rectangle boxes cylinders?) maybe columns is a better term. Anyways they have grass growing in them showing the complex root structure. - 3 exp HDR

A close up of the roots - 3 exp HDR

I had to capture this fellow photowalker shooting the grass. - 3 exp HDR

This is a fellow Photowalker (one of the founders actually) an amazing photographer named Harley Pebley, this is a small gallery display in one of many nooks in the Leonardo.

You can see Harley’s work on his flickr stream here.

seperating the lobby from the main floor displays is this display of constantly shifting light and shadows

Dominoes! The bottom of the display

A different take on it.

Looking under the display towards the entrance and another fellow photowalker. - 3 exp HDR

Do you notice those circles on that wire frame to the right?

It's an interactive display that asks "What Makes Utah Cool?" and you're invited to write on and hang up a paper circle with whatever you want.

Here the display backdrops anther appendage of the "jellyfish" - 3exp HDR

A quick ride up the escalator gets us closer to the ceiling display - 3exp HDR

More details of the ceiling display

On this level the interactive displays really hit their stride with many being multimedia based:

Here you can control the animated Knight through motion detection, these kids had him all tied in knots

These are real models used in the stop motion movie "Chicken Run" donated by the creators of the movie. Behind you can see one of several Canon Rebels set up to make your own stop motion film, pretty cool! 3-exp HDR

Limbs - 7 exp HDR

7 exp HDR

These are limb molds used to make artificial legs, they show the vast variety of shape and sizes needed to make custom legs, a powerful display! They also had an area you could walk around with strap-on artificial legs.

Part of a massive wall art display that connected small LEDs to these "brushes" that would slowly spin making contact and sending voltage through a long series of wires to the LEDs

Even the ambient lighting is artistic

Among the displays is found various pieces of art and a photo gallery.

This gallery featured powerful images from the Civil Rights movement of the 60's all in B&W

The corridor leading to the photo exhibit, I loved the "ghosts" in the wall - 6 exp HDR

The new Main Salt Lake City Library as seen from the Leonardo - it was a drizzly day! - 6 exp HDR

I didn’t get an exterior shot of the Leonardo as it was raining pretty good, I had a tough time on this photowalk as many of the shots I had pre-visualized just didn’t show up or I couldn’t get them to look like I wanted, and I think that’s what made it so hard for me. I went in with a list of pictures I wanted to try to take but I did that without knowing what the conditions of the museum really were, and I wasn’t open to just reacting to what was present. I’ll take away from this photowalk the lesson that it’s OK to have shots in your head but to stay wide open for alternatives.

To see better shots that other photowalkers took visit the Photowalking UT flickr group pool here.

Happy Shooting!