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The theme for week 4 of the LensProToGo.com 52 week challenge is “Self Portrait.” If you read my introduction to the 52 week challenge here you’ll remember that one of the reasons I’m not doing a 365 challenge is that I do not like taking self portraits! So the irony of this weeks theme is not lost on me, with that in mind I had an image in mind that would satisfy the requirement of the theme and my distaste of seeing myself on screen.

All I needed was a clear sunset, a brick wall, and some slight trickery in post production. (And as it turns out an assistant-my wife- to make triggering the camera much – much easier than doing it alone)

The Unseen Photographer!

This was around 3:30pm so we were starting to get near the golden hour, with a nice low angle Sun, and a brick wall of a nearby school. All the elements were in place but as I walked along the wall looking for the best spot I saw this shadow of a tree on the wall and thought it would be a good subject for my shadow to be focused on, and would balance the image.

I took off my coat, and using my old Olympus OM-1 SLR as a prop (which is not nearly as impressive as if I had been able to hold my D7000, the OM-1 is so small in comparison) I posed a few different ways holding the camera in different ways but liked this pose the best. Then the tricky part came, I had to take off my shoes without moving them and then I had to prop up my back shoe which I wanted to have in a more dynamic pose besides just sitting on the ground (that’s too easy) and although this isn’t quite as impressive as I had hoped, I like it and I’ve got more ideas for future images that would improve upon it. I propped up the back shoe with a small knock off gorillapod.

Behind the Scenes - Shooting the shoes

I had to work fast as the Sun moves pretty quick the closer it gets to the horizon and I didn’t want to have to work too hard in post!

After these shots we walked over to the playground and we found this shadow on the wall of a relocatable classroom and I thought “hey that would be a good shadow shot as well” and I love having a backup shot so I set up and took these shots.

Jump Shot! Check out that follow through!

In my dreams!

Luckily the weather was decent this weekend and I was able to shoot this idea, if it had not been so nice I had a few alternatives in mind that were more conventional  in nature but luckily you were spared that option.

Next week is a challenging theme as well “I left my heart in… (favorite place)”

So who has my ticket to Italy?…

Happy Shooting!