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So week 2 of the LensProToGo.com 52 week challenge was “Front Door” I know exciting right? Well I took that as a challenge to think a little bit outside of a wide angle of my front door, it’s not a very good looking door like some others might have, in fact it’s down right plain and boring. Other than a welcome sign and ever rotating seasonal greetings it’s just a plain ‘ol white front door. The one feature that I like however is its peephole, I love those things, primarily because I’m a firm believer in only answering your door if/when you feel like it. (The same goes for the telephone – that’s why caller ID was invented) So I concentrated on the fisheye peephole, but shooting a scene through it from the inside seemed a bit boring not to mention the front yard and street are hardly awe inspiring, so that left the outside view…

Someone's coming...

I wanted an air of mystery, some color, and a close up of the peephole itself, and what the hey a reflection (or 5) never hurts either!

So I used the 50mm f/1.8 at F/16 with a 20mm extension tube, I set the Promote Control to capture 9 exposures at 1Ev spacing and using myself as the “mysterious figure” I stepped outside and had my wife push the start button on the Promote Control.

I also tried a few shots with me closer to and knocking at the door but I prefer the shot above so that’s my entry this week.

Knock, Knock

My first try at a zoom pan

I think we’re trying too hard to welcome people… The zoom blur was fun to try although it  has some very real challenges associated with it, exposure,steadiness,zoom length, focus, etc.

Here’s another try at it:

The 10-20mm has a nice smooth zoom motion so I played a bit with it, I found that I liked the vertical orientation the most.

Here’s that boring wide angle shot of the front door I didn’t want to use but shot anyways.

And my second choice was a Macro shot of the lock.

9 exp HDR with 50mm f/1.8 and 20mm extension tube

That poor thing looks beat up!

So that’s it for this weeks challenge and extras, I had fun thinking of ideas (many I didn’t get to try for various reasons) but I’m enjoying having to think about possibilities and expanding on ideas, I ended up with an entire page of sketches for this theme (I’d show you, but my sketches are even worse than my photography) and I can’t wait to get to work on the next theme “Favorite Thing” now isn’t that just full of possibilities!

Happy Shooting!