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Being sick during the holidays is a real downer, Christmas week I started to get sick with what has turned out to be a very tenacious head cold, by the time Christmas rolled around I was in full blown misery, so this year I didn’t get as many Christmas related shots as I would have liked especially as this was my first Christmas with my D7000. That being said I did get a few shots and wanted to share some of them with you:

Some of the coolest ornaments ever! These belong to my team leader at work.

Goofy - 9 exp HDR

This is one of my favorite ornaments, I just love Goofy! I could have used this as a Self Portrait for my 52 week challenge instead of Taz as I’m definitely clumsy and dorky.

Snoopy Santa and his Woodstock Reindeer

It’s not all guy decorations either, believe me my daughter gets plenty of girlie stuff up on there too.

Barbie has several ornaments and there's more than enough pink on the tree.

Making Santa's cookies on Christmas Eve

Christmas cookies always taste so good, must be something magical about them - Yummy DoF, love the 50mm f/1.8!

At our family Christmas Party this year my sister gave each of the Grandkids a special packet containing a Christmas Eve “Sleeping Potion” that was supposed to help them sleep that night…

How this much sugar is supposed to help you sleep is beyond me

Says it all, right?!

Actually they let us sleep in until 8am, a new record! Maybe a sugar coma is the answer…

Dear Santa...

Santa came! 9 exp HDR

Looks like he enjoyed the cookies

So although it’s 2 weeks past I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, only 50 weeks to go until the next one… If I’m lucky maybe I’ll feel better by then.

Happy Shooting!