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A New Year has begun, as we start another revolution around our star I felt compelled to make a few resolutions in regard to photography for 2012, as I was contemplating what to do I received an invitation to participate in a 52 week project by LensProToGo.com a weekly theme feels just about right to me, I’ve thought about a 365 project but I’m not into Self Portraits and I’m too busy to crank out a decent picture everyday. Once a week is about right not to mention now I’ll have an instant blog post. 😉

Week One is (of all the irony) a Self Portrait! But one that doesn’t include you, not you – you, but “me” you. You know what I mean.

The subject for week one was given a little early so I ended up shooting this a little before Christmas so it wasn’t as much of a challenge time wise as I’m sure the rest will be. However they gave a list of the themes for the entire month so I have been making a list of possible shots to come, and I’m really exited about the ideas I’ve come up with so far.

This captures a good size chunk of "who" and "what" I am.

I’m a Dad, a Husband, and I refuse to grow up all the way!

I’m also a whole lot more (Or less depending on who you ask). So how do you capture an image that encompasses all of who and what you are? I’ve seen many try to take pictures of objects that show or define all their interests, (I tried that myself) but it seemed a little too easy,and predictive to do that so I thought I’d try to represent a part of me that also leaves a lot to the interpretation of the viewer and their knowledge or lack thereof about me to see and learn what they can of me.

So there you go a I’ve been reduced to a noun and a cartoon character.

If you have a moment here’s the back story on why I have that Taz ornament:

For Christmas my wife decorates the upstairs tree which is fancy and all organized nicely, the kids tree (which is downstairs and where Santa leaves the gifts) on the other hand – not so much. Every year the kids get a new decoration to add to the tree and I love watching how their tastes change from year to year. Well this year as I was with my son to pick out his new ornament I saw this Taz, my favorite Looney Tunes character, I love how he’s trying to act so cool when we all know he’s a big ‘ol softy. Perfect for me I thought, so I put him on my spot of the tree next to my “name” ornament. I call this my corner of the tree but it’s actually more like my 1/2500th of the tree.

So that’s the start of my 52 week challenge. I’ll be posting more shots very soon of Christmas, I’m hoping beyond hope that this will actually help me to get better at making photographs this year, and I hope that you enjoy the ride along with me.

Happy Shooting!