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Every year for Christmas the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints decorates Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. We went down on Saturday the 10th as our month was busy and we wanted to see it before we got too busy, and I soon found myself fighting with the cold, wind and some crazy large crowds. (I guess they all had a busy month planned as well) After taking just a few shots I decided the dangers of setting up a tripod in the crowd wasn’t worth it so I put the camera away and we had a fun evening as a family. I did grab a few shots however and I thought I’d share them with you all here.

So here’s the view looking west over the reflecting pool, with a few kids hamming it up for my camera. “thanks for the photo bomb”

The lights turned on just as I was shooting! 11 exp HDR using the Promote Control

a wide angle view from the edge of the smaller reflecting pool next to the temple showing the beautiful floating lamps and a striking nativity.

The south side of the temple with one of many lit trees on Temple Square.

Marshmallow child! And she was still cold.

That’s about all I have to share unfortunately, like I mentioned I didn’t take many shots. I had planned on returning later in the month near Christmas when I had a weekday off but I got sick the last two weeks of December so I’ll have to wait until next December rolls around and try again.

Happy Shooting!