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So my second commissioned family portraits were supposed to take place before my first. However due to some family illnesses and snow we had to keep re-scheduling the shoot, no big deal except that now the shoot was pushed well into November and it was getting cold -did I mention we had to cancel once due to snow?..
The family had seen a nearby Park and thought it would be fun to try a shoot there. So I drove the 30 minutes dragging my ever handy and cheap support crew with me, and we met them at a nice little neighborhood park with a very large and unexpected earthern (is that even a word?) landscape feature at the southwest corner, it looks like it has running water in warmer seasons with multiple waterfalls and some paths that criss-cross it.

We set up quick as the sun was setting, unfortunately there were no clouds to be seen so I had a low angle sun to fight, along with a temperature of 40 degrees that was falling rapidly to contend with. I shot with my 18-200mm and used either 1 or 2 YN560 speedlights on shoot through umbrellas with Cactus V5 triggers.
Here are a few of the shots, I hope you enjoy them!

Strategic placement of a pine tree to block the sun

This won't be possible in the spring, there should be a waterfall here.

Mom and Dad

Braces are always a challenge aren't they? He was a trooper sitting in the shade as we bounced the setting sun into his eyes with a reflector

Little sister was fun to work with as she loved to pose, this lampost was begging for a cameo.

Guess what she wants for Christmas? She was so cold, her shoulders kept climbing higher and higher...

It was time for some quick, and fun shots as it was really getting cold.

we shot a few different variations on this, but I loved the emotion of the girls in this one.

How about we lay down on the cold stone? (they had some towels underneath so it wasn’t too cold)

Ya gotta keep 'em laughing, but the little one was having none of that nonsense

That's better

We'll throw Mom and Dad in for good measure

And we are outta here! I had such a good time despite freezing my fingers off and not getting in all the shots and fun poses I wanted, but I offered a re-try for the spring (and warmer temperatures) and we’ll see if they take me up on it.

Here are a few behind the scene shots from the shoot:

Just call me a mountain goat! Notice how I got Mom to work as my reflector stand?

My two trusty VALs! (and yes he's in shorts, teenagers have no nerve endings in their legs) I've gotta work on my shooting face it looks like I'm in pain.

See that cute VAL (as opposed to the handsome one)? She crashed my speedlight, broke the flip out diffuser but the flash still works, later the same flash toppled again as a gust opened the attached but collapsed umbrella and this time the flash tore off the hotshoe of the Cactus V5 trigger as it smashed into the stone. It looks like it’ll be my permanent transmitter from now on… Both still work though so lets hear it for cheap Chinese camera gear!  BTW I was calm and just rolled with it, no tears were caused or shed over it.

Happy Shooting!