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After shooting some family portraits at the abandoned train tracks I felt a pull to return and capture some of the details and mood of the area without people. As luck would have it my wife and I were both home on Halloween morning and after we watched our daughter march in her school Halloween parade we headed back to the tracks across from Draper City park. Despite some very near freezing temperatures at the beginning I got down and low to the iron to capture a few shots.

A friendly photo tip: Don’t touch cold train tracks without gloves…just saying!

Riding the rail - 9 exposure HDR

9 exp HDR

A very "dreamy" processing look for this one

I’d had an idea for an image in my head ever since my first visit to this amazing place and I tried a few variations on it. The idea was a leaf on the tracks…

It was hard to find good leaves as they had all crumbled or wilted too much.

I love the green/yellow in the shadow on the rail behind the leaf.

I'm not sure how old these tracks are, but the rail says "1944" a "vintage" process was made on this one.

and my final attempt at the concept:

The wind had picked up at this time and I reset this pair a dozen times at least.

So as teased here are some BTS shots taken by my wife with her point and shoot. I apologize for the unsightly subject matter…

That track was cold! Not enough to "stick to" but almost!

The overgrowth in some areas was really intense, even at 9 exposures the dynamic range was insane as I was shooting at mid-day

A marking post in a small clearing - 9 exp HDR converted to Black and White in Silver Effex pro 2

The lens hood isn't always enough... thankfully the glare off my head is behind the camera

How about some Macro shots?

50mm f/1.8 with a 20mm extension tube - 9exp HDR

a bit closer

50mm f/1.8 with a 20mm extension tube - 9exp HDR

the same in BW:

Along came a very tiny spider..50mm f/1.8 with 20mm+12,mm extension tubes - 9exp HDR

Love that shallow Depth of Field! 50mm f/1.8 with the 12 mm extension tube

My awesome Lowepro Flipside 300!! I love this bag, that's me in the distance getting down and dirty

All I want for Christmas is an articulating LCD!

now if the wind doesn't blow I might get this shot...

I'll miss these tracks when they're gone, hopefully I'll be able to shoot them again before then.

Thanks for stopping by to look, I really appreciate it. I had such a good time shooting here even though the light was harsh, and the ground was cold it was rejuvenating to sit, walk and explore pictures within nature amid the relics of men, all while in the great company of my beautiful wife. I hope to get back soon hopefully when there is snow on the ground as I think the possibilities will be limitless.

Happy Shooting!