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Growing along our backyard fence are some unruly vines and rogue bushes, the only reason these are allowed to exist is because for about a week every Autumn they turn the most amazingly vibrant colors before withering and falling unceremoniously to the ground. This year for whatever reason however their color didn’t really “pop”, At least not compared to last year.

But I still took a few shots, hope you enjoy them.

So much more muted than last year

Our unruly bushes! They get a great range of yellow to red to orange, it's quite amazing to watch as it only lasts about a week and then they're gone.

I'm really surprised how well they represent in Black and White.

An edgy processing look

Hard to decide which version I like better…

All these were taken with my 50mm f/1.8 including some with a 12mm extension tube. All were 3 bracket HDR’s at 2EV spacing.

Thanks for stopping by and looking. Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow American visitors and a happy weekend to the rest!

Happy Shooting,