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October 8, 2011 was a cold Saturday, and the threat of rain had hung in the air all day, sounds like perfect football weather to me! My Step-Dad has season tickets for BYU football and because of some work related conflicts he wasn’t able to attend the Homecoming game this year, so he generously offered them up to me. I took my wife, son, and a nephew along for some action under the lights. It was a late televised game so kickoff wasn’t until 8 pm.

I’ve wanted to take my son to a football game for awhile but haven’t had the opportunity so when free tickets came up even to the “other team” (I’m a U of U guy, that means BYU’s in state rival for all you non-Utahns) I couldn’t pass it up.

So we bundled up, brought the rain gear (not needed as it cleared up at sunset) and squeezed ourselves into the too small seats on the 25 yard line and enjoyed the show.

I used the 18-200mm and although I wish I had had a 70-300mm, I was still pleased with the results of my first football shoot. I shot everything that night at a really high ISO 1600-2000 I didn’t use noise reduction on any of the shots as I wanted to show you how decent the D7000 is at high ISO’s.

Panorama of Cougar Stadium from our seats, 17 image Panorama taken in Portrait aspect.

You know you're serious when you bring a sword to the game! San Jose State Spartans take the field.

Those sissy looking pink shoes are for a good cause – October is Breast Cancer awareness month, represented by pink.

A little Bumpin' and Grindin'

BYU Quarterback Riley Nelson on a keeper headed for some pain.

We could feel that hit! BYU QB Riley Nelson gets driven down into the turf.

1st Down!

Lining up for the PAT

after a score the BYU ROTC would come out and do the total count in pushups, this one time only the Cheerleaders joined in. The ROTC ended up doing a total of 105 pushups that night.

San Jose State quarterback Matt Faulkner lets it fly.

As close as it gets - 1st Down for the Spartans

Half time! I took plenty of shots but a band just looks boring, and that's as pretty a girl as I could find. (The UofU cheer squad is cuter)

Halftime = Snack time

Being BYU it's Hot Chocolate and Brownies, no beer and nachos here.


Wouldn't be me if I didn't try an HDR - 3exp HDR Handheld

Count 'em 3 pro bodies and glass - enough to buy a nice car!

So a lesson learned was to increase my shutter speed, or get better at panning. Either way I liked how this one turned out.

And Finally:

Tough to caption, I was thinking either "Umm where's the ball?" or since this is BYU - the kickers prayer "Dear Lord don't let me shank this kickoff"

Nothing great photo wise, but I did have a great time with my Wife and the boys and since BYU won 29-16 it was a good game as well.

Happy Shooting