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I’ve been going to the Utah State Fair as long as I can remember. I have vivid memories of walking through the animal exhibits, the smells of Bar-B-Que and riding the tummy tickling “Big Yellow Slide” just to name a few. It’s been a few years however since we last took the kids to the Fair, but this year my Bro-in-Law had some free tickets for volunteering for First Aid duty in the Highway Patrol offices and we decided to go on the last Saturday the fair was open.

Ever since I was very little I’ve always been blown away by the talent on display at the Fair, so many people have such amazing talents and skills in so many diverse categories. I’ve always wanted to enter something into the fair but since I’ll never raise a cow I didn’t think I’d ever get the chance, well I’m slowly learning that you make your own chances and this year for whatever reason I decided to enter the Photography competition and after procrastinating until almost the very end I submitted two pictures to the amateur class in two separate categories and I was very pleasantly surprised as I was walking among the amazing displays of gorgeous photography to discover that I had received 3rd and 4th place ribbons! I never thought I would win and I was beyond pleased just to have placed (not to mention the meager prize money more than covered my entrance fees) and it sort of validated to my family at least all the time I’ve spent on this crazy passion. I’m glad that I realized a dream this year and was able to represent myself in a good way. I’m not sure if I’ll enter next year (I’m not a big fan of paying to be judged) and the competition is insane, Utah has some truly amazing photographers, I’m still not sure how my two little pictures got noticed, but hey I’m not complaining.

So enough of my rambling here are a few shots from our visit to the Utah State Fair.

We arrived just as the flag arrived at the Rodeo via parachute

My daughter loves horses, these all belonged to the "Sherriff's Mounted Posse" they were waiting to start the Rodeo. I love her expression!

What's a fair without Corn on the Cob?

Or exotic foods -fries anyone?

I swear you could even smell these over the manure

Oh the temptation...

Some brave soul doing flips on the trampolines

We don’t do too many rides but the kids wanted to ride the Pharaohs Fury, basically a giant swing.

My son's fearless my daughter on the other hand...

It had rained all day but cleared just before sunset and moonrise

Robby the Robot - This dancing & singing robot scared my little girl to death

Tin men for sale among so many other things for sale at the Fair, but hot tubs don't photograph so well

This little guy fought against a dozen siblings for this spot

Plain tuckered out... You have to talk like that at a Fair

The Zipper and Ferris wheel in action - 3 exp HDR

The ride "Moby Dick" a sideways spinning ride - I loved the concentric circles it made

The Zipper!

A shorter exposure looks kinda cool too

The "Century Wheel"

An abstract of the "Century Wheel"

Before heading home we had to ride the “Big Yellow Slide” This thing still tickles my tummy.

From the top (Taken with my wife's compact camera)

That's me and the kids, My wife took this shot, she did OK considering I have back button focusing on. I'm taking a video of the ride with her camera We all giggled the whole way down.

My pictures and ribbons and yes that is a check... If you squint you can make out the amount... you know because it's little and it's little 😉

Thanks for visiting, I apologize for the long break between posts I had a ton of stuff on my plate but I should be back on track now. Next up is a college football game, shot from the bleachers but I had good seats.

Keep Shooting!