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After catching up at the Wells Fargo/Gallivan Center Plaza I spent some time photographing the wall/fountain/poem/flowerbed (well how would you describe it?)  Photowalks give you the chance to learn from others as you share your interpretation of a scene and compare it with what your fellow photowalkers saw of the same scene. A case in point is my shot of this statue in the small plaza:

A family at play - 3 exp HDR

And Jeremy Hall’s interpretation of the same scene (I actually have a shot of him taking his picture) his version shows how much I still have to learn.

You can see the long wall behind the statue, a poem runs the lentgh of it and I found that many of us shot all or part of it.

"To all our walks" Fitting for a photowalk 3 exp HDR Converted in Silver Efex pro2

One of many to shoot this scene - 3 exp HDR (I had to de ghost him a little)

My take on one of the many small waterfalls along the wall - 3exp HDR

Here’s Brian Matiash taking a long exposure of a waterfall, he was cursing out his Fuji x100 for metering so badly (he had good reason as he explains in his blog) look at his images and you’ll understand why this guy is one of my photo heroes.

Brian Matiash waits patiently for a long exposure, so still in fact that I didn't have to de-ghost him at all - 3exp HDR

"Golden..folds of afternoon" I thought the warm light fit those words well - 3exp HDR

The view over the wall of the Chase building - it reminds me of a rocket blasting off with its engines glowing from below - 3 exp HDR

a 2 panel "vertorama" of the Wells Fargo building on 4th South and Main Street, home of KUTV News the CBS affiliate here in SLC. - each frame was a 3exp HDR ( I need a wide angle lens!)

Which way to go for the rest of the walk...? - 3 exp HDR

I’m going to put in quite a few shots of buildings now because for whatever reason that evening I was looking up quite a bit, not that our skyline is impressive at all but I was enjoying the last light of the sunset hitting the buildings and all the reflections. Hopefully they don’t bore you to death.

The famous (and Old) Walker Tower - 3 exp HDR

The last glow of sunset reflects in the Walkers towers windows - 3 exp HDR

The Walker Tower and the corner of the Chase building the old and new - 3 exp HDR

Classic! - 3exp HDR

The Watchful Basket - Sounds like the title of a novel... - 3 exp HDR

Here come some more reflections!

I loved the warping of the already "seasoned" building in the windows of the Chase building,and how about that gradient you can't make them look that interesting - 3exp HDR

Like a haunted house - 3 exp HDR

3 exp HDR

I can't seem to get away from the Walker Tower - 3 exp HDR

From here I ducked down an alley I thought some photowalkers had turned down earlier (I was alone again by now, HDR shooting slows you down it seems.)

Glass Alley - 3 exp HDR I was literally laying on the ground to get this angle and I had to put rubber bands around my zoom as it kept creeping on me.

As undignified as that was, just at the end of the alley was a small courtyard with this on one of the walls:

"Literary Giants" - 3 exp HDR

"Gone With The Wind" fitting as the wind picked up quite a bit for a few minutes while I was in this courtyard. - 3 exp HDR

Just another hole in the wall - 3 exp HDR

I left and walked out onto 300 south as the light continued its dynamic change.

Ghost runner - look closely!

Mary Poppins at Capitol Theater - 3 exp HDR

I turned south once again to catch up with the ghostly fleeting images of the group and came upon an area of SLC I’ve never seen, but would love to explore better some day.

Leading Lines - it doesn't get any more obvious than this. - 3 exp HDR.

As I layed my camera onto its strap to level it, ( and to keep it from getting scratched) the security light you see in the upper left was turned on. I don’t know if it was to help me or dissuade me from shooting, but either way “thanks” to whoever turned it on (it turned off again after I stood up) I saw this shots potential because I’ve been following this amazing photographer who loves leading lines. Thanks Marc!

A turn to the right revealed this:

Grungy Parking - 3 exp HDR

After finishing the brackets Brian Matiash and Nicole Young came walking towards me they had lucked into getting on top of a nearby building, you can see one of Brian’s shot from above here.

I turned towards the sunset and shot this:

Orange silhouette

I also bracketed this to do an HDR but it really didn’t add anything. (See I’m not always one dimensional)

By now we had caught up with what was left of the photowalkers, and the light was fading fast.

Another brick wall, I loved the color contrast. - 3 exp HDR

The Peery Hotel - 3 exp HDR

They go all the way up - 3 exp HDR

I finally plugged the Promote Control in to take this shot unfortunately I still had the camera in AEB which I now know will mess  up your brackets regardless of the settings in the Promote Control. Unfortunately I didn’t notice this until I had already taken about 8 different night scenes.

Wells Fargo Building (Again) - 7 exp HDR

Main Street looking North - 7 exp HDR

Traxx at night - 7 exp HDR

And last but certainly not least a closeup of the Wells Fargo center (by now the family was calling every 2 minutes wanting me to come home, so I obliged.)

"Night Hues" - 7exp HDR

That’s it, thanks for hanging in as I shared way too many pictures. I appreciate you taking the time to do so. I’ll have more next week as I share some shots from the Utah State Fair.

Happy Shooting!