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Nicole Young held her last Utah Photowalk before moving to Seattle in downtown Salt Lake City.  It was a beautiful warm (too warm, I was sweating all night so sorry if I stank it up) Saturday evening, we gathered just before sundown and had a fun giveaway of books, gear and a full OnOne software Suite thanks to Nicole and the visiting Brian Matiash.

Milling Photographers Just before the start of the photowalk

A photowalker rockin' "live view" while waiting for the walk to begin

Waiting = HDR opportunities on nearby architecture. This was a cool Keystone. - 3exp HDR Handheld

My take on the lions (everyone shot these) 3 exp HDR handheld

Some more architecture detail 3 exp HDR handheld

This was above the Lions door, I loved the blue against the muted sandstone. 3exp HDR Handheld

Here’s a shot of Rich Legg busting me as I sniped a shot of him, Nicole Young and Brian Matiash.

Busted! Hi Rich

We gathered for the giveaway and a group picture in a small side street/alley

Handing out the giveaway tickets

Rich Legg showing off the OnOne Photosuite that was given away

A group shot:

Group photo Clicking the link has tags - I'm sumoetx!

Nicole Young getting an LCD grab of the group shot with her Fuji X100, Rich fiddles with his X100 before getting a shot of her .

Brian Matiash setting up his Fuji X100 - check out the old school cable release.

And the photowalk starts:

Some feathered rats, notice the ineffective pigeon spikes - 3 exp HDR

Dr E.V.Long wonder what his nickname could be? – 3exp HDR

Too obvious but I took it anyway

A fellow photowalker-thanks for holding still during my brackets. 3 exp HDR

Lovely Golden light - 3 exp HDR

Some nice texture of the sandstone building and the nearly sideways light as the sun sets. - 3exp HDR

A good photographer gets the shot from all angles.

At this point I was seriousl lagging behind everyone else, and I was already crazy hot, so I took off my hat and walked north towards the fading group when +Brian Matiash stepped out from behind a nearby building, I introduced myself as the one who had tweeted earlier about being excited to meet him and we chatted for a few minutes. It was a real honor to meet Brian as he’s one of my Photography & HDR heroes, (Click the link and see why!)and he couldn’t have been any nicer to me. I really wanted to just tag along and soak in his creative thoughts and see how he decides what to shoot, but I didn’t want to be “one of those guys” you know a “hanger on” or a  “creeper” etc.  So I said “thanks,  it was nice to finally meet you” and he took off to catch up with the others, and I took a few brackets of the area he had just shot. I haven’t seen any of his shots of this area but I’m positive they blow away anything I got.

These stores face Main Street on the other side, the facades sure look nicer than the back. - 3exp HDR

"The Official" Emergency Exit -3 exp HDR

Some nice gritty texture, I could've shot macro here all day - 3exp HDR

3 exp HDR

Give a hand for Sapporo -3exp HDR

I wanted to shoot this scene better (alternate angles etc) but some dodgy looking guys had just walked out of one of those back doors and I was painfully aware that I was totally alone with a shiny DSLR hanging off my neck so I moved along…

Before crossing the street and catching up I caught this view:

Stone Sentinel -3exp HDR

As I crossed the street I left behind old and classic for modern and new.

The Chase building through the Wells Fargo glass walkway - 3exp HDR

I caught up with some of the group at the Gallivan Center Plaza. There’s a statue, and a wall, with small waterfalls and a poem running along it here that many of us stopped to shoot for awhile. A tougher area to shoot since it was completely in shadow by now but some fun things to find and photograph.

I’ll leave those pictures and more for Part 2.

Happy Shooting!