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Our Lagoon Amusement Park trip started out great, I even got to try out my DIY camera sling strap (aka: Cheap Black Rapid strap).  However as the great  John Steinbeck wrote “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”  We usually split up and I follow my son and his friends while my wife will take our daughter to the kiddie rides. I had hoped to take a lot of action pictures and while I got in a few it soon turned out that my wife was getting motion sickness this time around, and my daughter needed me to ride with her.  I left the boys alone and spent the next 9 hours riding rides I’d rather have photographed, but here are a few shots I did manage to get. Nothing spectacular, although I did finally try out Continuous Focus 3D tracking and it was amazing to see how well it did given the extreme motion of a roller coaster at 200mm zoom. All shots were in JPEG as I didn’t want the hassle of converting RAWs of snapshots.

The ancient "White Roller Coaster" a rickety wooden classic that'll rock n roll you!

The sky coaster goes from the north end to the south end of the park

The "Wicked" pure Terror/Joy AF-C 3D tracking!!

Waiting in a shady spot I snapped off a 3 frame HDR of the line area of "Wicked"

Reminder-Look behind you for a shot, this was at the "shady Spot" near "Wicked" 3 shot HDR handheld

The Cliffhanger - Sometimes you don't get wet, but this time...

3 shot Handheld HDR of Colossus

The drop on Colossus heading into the double loop

Making the Turn into the cyclone spiral near the end of Colossus

The entrance features a great water attraction that's irresistible to kids.

It’s not a decoy that duck’s real, and quite the poser

Here's your sign...

Apparently Lagoon promotes marriage...well it is Utah.

Some young parents, one of my few "People" shots

My girls!

almost an amazing shot, I should've moved 2 feet to the right and gotten all 3 clearly

The Dragonfly swings - 3 shot HDR handheld!

The "Spider" was closed, a 3 shot handheld HDR again from my "Shady spot"

The massive Ferris Wheel at the north end of the park - 3 shot HDR handheld

Ferris wheel gondolas at 200mm - 3 shot HDR handheld

The view from the top of the Ferris Wheel - a little faux tilt shift poorly done

Exit left...

So that’s all I have to show you of our fun little trip. I basically had to put the camera down and be a Dad first which I never mind doing.

Speaking of which, Happy Fathers Day to all you Fathers and future fathers out there. Lets keep up the good work making memories with our families and saving them as photos.